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    Smoot is trying to prove himself (Slams Tice)


    [size=18px]Smoot is trying to prove himself[/size]

    Pioneer Press

    Heading into his sixth NFL season, cornerback Fred Smoot isn't thrilled about playing for his fifth head coach and sixth defensive coordinator.

    After a tumultuous 2005 season, Smoot is ready for a fresh start.

    "I feel like a free agent again," said Smoot, one of the players who starred during the team's three-day minicamp that concluded Sunday. "I'm feeling good about the coaches. For the first time in two years, I feel like I'm being coached. They're well organized, and every time we hit the field, we're getting something done. I got the love that came from coach (Joe) Gibbs, Gregg Williams, Marvin Lewis."

    Smoot was charged in the boat party scandal last October, and he was limited to 11 games last season because of injuries. Smoot also was frustrated when Brian Williams replaced him in the starting lineup when he regained his health.

    "It wasn't me and Brian Williams," Smoot said of the tension. "It was me and Mike Tice. Brian went out and did his job, and I give all my praise to Brian, and he got rewarded."

    Smoot didn't want to elaborate on history, instead focusing on the future. For one, Smoot aggressively worked on building his strength, adding muscle to his frame.

    "He has worked out," Pro Bowl safety Darren Sharper said. "He has been taking care of his body and doing the things he needs to do to play at a high level, and I think that's going to pay off."

    Smoot, whose listed weight last season was 178 pounds, currently weighs 200, but he said his playing weight might be 195.

    Now, Smoot wants to show Vikings fans what he's all about.

    "I want to prove to Minnesota that I am the best defensive back they probably have ever seen," he said.
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    Re: Smoot is trying to prove himself (Slams Tice)

    I'm glad to see that the players seem to have some sense of direction this year. But Smoot ... prove it, buddy! I'd be more than willing to give him another chance to "show the fans what he's all about"!

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    Re: Smoot is trying to prove himself (Slams Tice)

    Wow, I have a feeling that those comments will make some news when they go national. I'm really surprised he said that (even though it's true). Good read.

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    Re: Smoot is trying to prove himself (Slams Tice)

    YAY, at least we know from the players, that they are being coached!! :lol:

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    Re: Smoot is trying to prove himself (Slams Tice)

    Sorry, Sing got it.

    If its a Twin Cities paper, sing gets it out around 6 am.

    A new and improved Smoot?

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