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    Smoot says people have him all wrong

    [size=18px]Smoot says people have him all wrong[/size]

    BY SEAN JENSENPioneer PressAs one of the Vikings' newest players, cornerback Fred Smoot is adamant that he is being inaccurately portrayed in the Twin Cities, especially in light of his connection to the Oct. 6 boat party on Lake Minnetonka.

    But Smoot said he doesn't want to hurt any of his teammates in the process of repairing his image.

    "Operation Clean Up, that's what I call it," Smoot said. "I just worry about how people perceive me. I think they perceive me very wrong right now.
    "I just want to clear my name, by not throwing nobody else on the bottom. That's the key."

    Smoot, quarterback Daunte Culpepper, left tackle Bryant McKinnie and running back Moe Williams were charged Thursday with indecent conduct, disorderly conduct and lewd or lascivious conduct. They face fines of $1,000 and 90 days in jail on each count, though prosecutors said jail time is not likely. As many as 30 Vikings players were present at the boat party, authorities said.

    The complaint last week charged that Smoot used a sex toy on two women. Smoot said at the time: "That upsets me bad because I didn't do anything on the boat. They just really are trying to put stories on certain guys. I didn't do any of that."

    But Smoot said Monday that in clearing his name, he does not want to create any trouble for teammates.

    Asked how he planned to do that, Smoot's attorney, David Valentini said: "It's premature to comment right now. It's too early in the ballgame. But we intend to assert our innocence and see what our best approach is."

    All four players have hired lawyers. Culpepper has selected Earl Gray of St. Paul, and Williams has chosen Joe Friedberg of Minneapolis. Joe Tamburino represents McKinnie. All of the attorneys have received the police reports from the prosecutor's office and have begun reviewing them.

    In the near future, all four attorneys for the players are expected to meet and discuss the case.

    Smoot said he is no worse for wear after playing in about 20 plays Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers and making one tackle as the third cornerback.

    "I'm sure he is frustrated by not starting, but we weren't in a lot of nickel (defense)," coach Mike Tice said. "Right now he comes on the field when we are in nickel and dime, and we were not in a lot of that because of the type of offense they run."

    Sean Jensen can be reached at sj[email protected]

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    Re: Smoot says people have him all wrong

    da smooter sooter

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    Re: Smoot says people have him all wrong

    Smoot has a LOT of work to be done-----both on and off the field!!!

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    Re: Smoot says people have him all wrong

    Is it me or is smoot the second coming of Kenny wright?

    He looked so good in washington and he looks like crap in Minny.

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    Re: Smoot says people have him all wrong

    Smoot will do better.

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    Re: Smoot says people have him all wrong

    "DaScRuM" wrote:
    Smoot has a LOT of work to be done-----both on and off the field!!!

    Has nothing to prove "off the field" ... still has been found guilty of nothing.

    On the field, injuries and a new system .... Neither of which he has not had to deal with since he first entered the NFL ... He will come back strong next year, he's too much of a competitor ....

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    Re: Smoot says people have him all wrong

    Smoot will come along...people are so quick to judge a player so fast, like jamie said, new system and nagging injuries have really not let smoot shine. I know hes a playmaker...just give him a lil time.

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    Re: Smoot says people have him all wrong

    ya no crap! everybody made such a big deal out of that crap but if it wasnt a professinal team or sumbody famous nobody would give a rats ass! but since it is the vikings...they all gotta strap their pannies in a bundle and whine and shout to everyone that they are all pimps(which is true) to try to make the vikings look like sh!t! Well let me tell them sumthin...i dont care wat neone does to try to make the minnesota vikings look like crap...guess aint workin b!tches..cuz they got about 50 gazillion fans supportin the purple people out!!!!!!!

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    Re: Smoot says people have him all wrong

    you gotta respect the fact that he doesn't wanna bring down any of his other teammates with him, whether or not he's guilty. That should earn him some respect with the players that might have been lost when the boat party incident happened.

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