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    Re: Smith/Longwell vs. Chavous/Edinger

    "jordy" wrote:
    "Ltrey" wrote:
    "V-Unit" wrote:
    I honestly don't think that we got any better replacing Edinger or Chavous. We could just have easily signed both of them back and gotten the same production especially considering that Edinger had played with Kluwe for a year and Chavous had played with Winfield, Smoot, and Sharper for a couple of years.

    Smith has been not special, and Longwell hasn't shown me he can do anything that Edinger couldn't. Maybe I should have been paying less attention to Hank Baskett and more to us letting Edinger go. Thoughts?
    I think Smith has played very well this year. He has had some very good plays and has proven to be good in coverage and run support. IMO, he's been much better than Chavous and he's much younger too.

    i dont see how you can say smith has been good this year...why? because he can hit people? this huy has made the most coverage mistakes of all our players, but when he makes some big hits, which i like ofcourse, does not mean he is playing well....our secundary has been getting burned often to were he is,or should be...i'll take a healthy Tank williams over him any day...
    I think Tank probably would have been better, but I wouldn't necessarily say that Smith has made the most mistakes this year. I think BOTH of our safeties have made some coverage errors. It would be interesting to see how many are on Smith and how many are on Sharper, because I think Sharper has made a lot of mistakes this year too.

    We are also kind of comparing apples and oranges. Chavous played SS last year while Sharper played FS. They switched that around this year, so even if he HAS gotten burnt more often, it's his job to gamble more as the free safety. He's also made more plays this year because of that. He's got 4 INTs this year and Chavous only had 2 last year (and 1 this year).

    Finally, our secondary is not getting torched because of Smith. They're getting torched because of a lack of depth at corner. We have two good corners (one of which is a rooke) and another which is good some of the time. Past that, we're bone dry at corner. That's why we get spread out to 4 and 5 wides all the time, because they know we can't cover. That's not on Smith, that's on personnel.

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    Re: Smith/Longwell vs. Chavous/Edinger

    Definetly Smith over Chavous= INTS and run support
    Longwell over Edinger= Edinger made big kicks but the one thing I dint like his kicking stance. Longwell better stat wise and pretty much automatic for extra points.

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    Re: Smith/Longwell vs. Chavous/Edinger

    I take Longwell over Edinger, and I'm pretty sure I take Smith over Chavous, although truthfully when I first started getting interested in football and got to consistently watching it was Chavous' last year or two.
    I know hits aren't everything (or that much at all) but reading stuff about his hits, it reminded me of the one he laid on Furrey of the Lions 2 weeks ago (the most recent Vike's game I was able to watch) Ouch! now THAT was hit.

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    Re: Smith/Longwell vs. Chavous/Edinger

    I could go either way on Longwell vs Edinger. Longwell is too inconsistent over 40 yards for me. But I'm happy to steal him from the Pack.

    However, I personally feel Dwight Smith is playing really well considering that he really is the BACKUP for the guy who replaced Chavous. I don't know if it's defensive schemes or what but Smith has made a lot of splash plays this year. So, I'm happy with Smith over Chavous.
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