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    Re: Smith excused indefinitely from team

    I agree about the full season Cajun. Totally agree with that. That's why I said "for now". I am all for giving MB another chance. Like I stated, he'll either do real good or Tice will finally see that he's not the back for us. Either way, we are better off. What I was responding to is who is better for the job? IMO MW can do just as much as MB if not more and give others like MM and CF a chance to further develop. I would love nothing more than to have MB run for 1500+ yards. Do I think he has the potential? Yes. My thing all along has been that from what I've seen about MB throughout his whole career is he still hasn't learned to hit the holes right and he is too inconsistent. That's why personally, I would rather MW start over Bennett. He is consistent and reliable. MB hasn't shown he is totally reliable yet. Unfortunate but true.

    With all that said, I wish nothing but good to MB and I hope he proves me wrong and I will shut up about him. I would just like to see consistency.

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    Re: Smith excused indefinitely from team

    with the conversation early moe, like cajun said, has too much mileage. he can not carry the full load. MM has impressed me since he played in the texans game.

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