You’ve probably heard this story before, and most likely from the head coach himself, but it bears repeating. When Edwards was growing up, his father had him rake the back yard. So Edwards raked the back yard, and ended up with a big pile of leaves and dirt.

When Herm Edwards, Sr., came out to check his son’s work, he saw one thing – the corners. They were filled with dirt and leaves. Herm had forgotten to do the corners.

What’s the point of this story as it relates to this week? Well, after re-watching the tape of the Chiefs’ victory over the Minnesota Vikings, one thing is clear – the metaphorical corners were taken care of.

Sure, Dwayne Bowe was impressive. His big, flashy touchdown catch made everyone stand up and cheer, made all the highlight reels and got everyone excited. Dwayne Bowe was a big pile of leaves and dirt on Sunday – the main attraction. But sometimes, it’s the little things in a game that are just as important, from play to play, that end up winning the game...