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    Sleepless nights

    I've busted out a TV screen before after a loss. I even threw up after the loss to the Falcons in 98. But havn't cried. I'll save the crying for when we actually win a super bowl. I know that if it would happen there would be many tears of joy.
    Let s Go Mountaineers!

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    Sleepless nights

    ...If I had 600 million dollars, I'd buy the vikings.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Sleepless nights

    "SKOL" wrote:
    Thank you, oh Freudian one. We've warped another young mind. :wink:
    I dont know people hated me in PE because i was to competitive, football (very competitive), basketball, volleyball, bad mitan, woofle ball, all of it.

    It's more than a game. --Vince Lombardie (SP)

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    Sleepless nights

    "rjkvikings" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    there is absolutely nothing that you can do (short of buying the team from Red)
    Well then why doesn't one of us just go on some game show and win a billion dolars so that we can buy the team? lol
    Webby, are you holding out on us? You working on some secret new software that is gonna be the next million seller? Hurry up and finish writing the code and get that thing on the market so that you can be the next Internet billionaire and buy the Vikings from Red and rescue us from his evil clutches!!! :study: :study: :study:

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