"berserkers" wrote:
No, actually, I noticed that too. My wife was disappointed that he didn't get his roll on after the 2nd TD in the Green Bay game.....

I'm so glad Pepp has reached the next level. let's face it, if Manning didn't have the season he had, Pepper would be the best QB in the NFL this year. He had a remarkable season, and I am so happy for him and the Vikes.

It's especially nice after last season's grumblings from the bandwagon sallies about how Frerotte should be the starter. I never strayed from Pepper, and always knew he was the real deal. Now I don't hear any of the bandwagoners talking about Frerotte anymore. It's great to be right!

I still don't think he gets the respect he deserves though, and I think it's a complete crock that Mcnabb got the start for the NFC in the pro-bowl...

does anyone have any insight into why that decisioon was made? am I missing something or is Mcnabb going to be the leagues next "Darling" now that Favre is talking retirement?

I guess Madden will need another QB to drool over now, and my hunch is Mcnabb will do nicely. what a joke!
There is something to be said about sliding in under the radar.

Randy Johnson, is probably wishing he could about right now, fish out of water!!!!

But back to Football, the truth is DC's numbers do not lie. When people actually sit back and look at them, we will get more praise. Going into next season, he will be sitting pretty. Or maybe later in this post season will be his time. Knocking McNabb out of the playoffs will go a long way too.