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    Re: Skin Fans have no respect for us!!

    I had to laugh at some of the Skins fans comments. But anyway, I hope that we just come out and play. Limit our turnovers and get the win and go home. Leave the trash talking to the Redskin fans. Let's just get that win.

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    Re: Skin Fans have no respect for us!!

    I am in total agreement> Just git r dun. I dont live in yesterday. I live for what have you dont for me lately. And what we have done, no matter what it is is getting it done. And when we beat a team like the Bears on MNF, and then they Slam the pack I feel pretty damn good about our performance even better. I see something more than I did on MNF. Go Bears and TY! Brett Favre You keep up the great record breaking...including the one I like INTs he he! TY Bears and Urlacher!
    We are ready for tonite I hope we just look at tonite and not any further than that. Favre says "It was cold! Cold as hell!"
    I am THE #1 Sidney Rice #18 Fan ever! Don't Be surprised when this kid IS a superstar! He is humble, smart, tough, talented and has alot of character! Takes alot of pride in his work, team, fans and life. Watch out for this kid! I think he is awesome! Everytime he touches the ball its MAGIC!

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    Re: Skin Fans have no respect for us!!

    "ciacbw" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "ciacbw" wrote:
    "Marrdro" wrote:
    "ciacbw" wrote:
    [quote author=Marrdro link=topic=40815.msg696010#msg696010 date=1198448505]
    [quote author=ciacbw link=topic=40815.msg696008#msg696008 date=1198448399]
    [quote author=Marrdro link=topic=40815.msg695998#msg695998 date=1198447687]
    [quote author=ciacbw link=topic=40815.msg695997#msg695997 date=1198447627]
    At least smoot wont have to work very hard today considering how bad your passing attack is.
    Are you back?
    Mom and Dad excuse you from the table?
    Yeah I had to watch the eagles game. I cannot wait to come back tonight. All of your anger and bitterness will be a fun read. You had a 15-1 team choke already what do you think your 8-6 team is going to do? I just wish my girlfriend was in town so instead of typing I could be fricken.
    Now your just cracking me up.
    I thought you said you were married earlier?

    When you get a bit older and more experienced you will be able to keep your lies straight I hope.

    How is your tummy ache?
    Nope never claimed to be married that was actually your boy Darth Vader. I said how happy I was not to be married. Donkey.
    Oohhhhhh you really got me there cause I didn't exactly memorize every word you typed. You actually claimed the following:

    Well I am 33 and own my townhouse in Bethesda, MD. And my birthday was on the 6th. I am not married because I am a lawyer in a dc firm and like to go out in georgetown and bang as many 23 year old hotties as I can. I gave up Star Wars sometime around 13 and played sports. Want to compare ***** size now?
    What bars in Georgetown do you frequent.
    I've been known to get up there sometimes.

    Old Glory and Mr. Smiths are my favorite. I also like club 5 and always like to head to adams morgan and go to the tom tom club, aslyum and heaven and hell. madams organ is ok but overrated.
    Took you long enough.
    I googled the same bars 30 seconds after I asked the question.
    I never hang out in DC.
    Next to Philly it is the jiggly butt of the states.

    I guess I give up trying to argue with you as you seem convinced I am a kid or something. I can tell you all the bars in md that I go to or the bars in Boulder where
    I went to undergrad. You can try and say what a bad city DC but that would be like me trying to say new york or la are as bad as philly. i would just look stupid. kind of like you. donkey

    Haha idk why anyone is even paying any attention to this little immature fruit.

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