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Don't listen to Marrdro.

You crack me up.

Look, I've been pretty hard on ole Musgrove, not because of the scheme I KNEW he was gonna run, but more along the lines that he has failed everytime he has tried to be an O-coord.

Having said that, I am not ready to give up on him after one game. I still think he can get this thing off the ground (excuse the pun) and get us into a balanced attack that will be hard for defenses to stop.

Sure, it won't be exciting to watch, but it will be effective. Problem is, its gonna take some time. I think I've been spewing forth week 4 or so.

Sooooo, having said all of that, I would ask him this........

What do you consider your base offense? Is it a 13 set (1 RB/3 TE's) or is it gonna be a 12 set (1RB/2 TE).

I think he can be more balanced, and unpredictable, out of the 12 set as it gives you some options other than a RB, 3 TE's and 1 WR. All a team has to do is go ahead and double the one WR and stay at home in your zones in an effort to shorten the gaps a TE can expose which, by the way, allows them to have good lanes to stop the run.