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    Sign Sam Cowart When he's Cut

    Wow, Jets fans are smart.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Sign Sam Cowart When he's Cut

    Good luck getting a first rounder for Bennett as well. Especially with the depth at RB in this years draft why would anyone in their right mind make that trade?

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    Sign Sam Cowart When he's Cut

    "MN_Jet_Fan" wrote:
    I don't think EJ or Harris have enough mentally to play MLB (at least not yet). Sure there's young LB's possibly available, but I think you guys need an exerienced vet back there. There is a such thing as too much youth folks.

    Just my humble opinion. I really hope this trade works out for you.

    "VikesFan111" wrote:
    Cowart? When we have EJ and Harris(maybe) who could play MLB.

    By the way we have a #7 pick out there also(maybe) and Derrick Johnson only has a chance going off that board to the Browns.

    The Titans need a CB and a WR. Bears need a WR and the Bucs need a RB.

    Derrick Johnson could fall right into our laps. Oh yeah...also forgot to mention the amazing amount of talented and youg LB's in the FA this year.
    I agree with you about our EJ and Harris. But, we there is Hartwell, Pierce and Bell out there in FA...

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    Sign Sam Cowart When he's Cut

    Why wouldnt we pick up samari rolle?

    And even if we didnt , I doubt this but maybe Antrel Rolle would be left for 18th

    LB Harris
    LB Henderson
    LB Johnson
    CB Rolle (Samari or Antrel)
    CB Antoine Winfield
    FS I dont know
    DT K Will
    DE Kenechi
    And the rest im still thinking about

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    Sign Sam Cowart When he's Cut

    "MN_Jet_Fan" wrote:
    I love these additions (I'm not sure how likely some are though)

    Nugent-A kicker more than worth a 2nd rounder

    M. Williams- Randy Who?

    Cowart- Leadership for the LB'ers

    Surtain- Still solid.

    Coles- Overrated. He had one td catch last year. I wouldn't trade a 1st for him. I might sign him tho if Wash cuts him.

    Dreaming or not, I like this roster!

    "JDogg926" wrote:
    Hopefully our offseason acquisitions list reads something like this:

    WR Laveraneus Coles - FA
    LB Sam Cowart - FA
    LB Napoleon Harris - Trade for Moss
    DB Samarri Rolle - FA
    DB Patrick Surtain - FA
    WR Mike Williams - Draft #7
    DB Bullocks / Shazor - Draft #18
    LB Darryl Blackstock (Virginia) -1st rd Draft (pick acquired by trading Bennett)
    K Mike Nugent - Draft 2nd rd
    some underrated stud in the 4th round (seems to be our best rd)

    We'd actually be prett sweet, if all this happened. My predictions, though, maybe one or two aside from the Harris, actually happen.

    Yeah, one TD catch is nothing to brag about but you also have to take into account who was throwing to him!!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Sign Sam Cowart When he's Cut

    If Thomas Davis is left on the board at 18 we BETTER get him...whether Rolle is on there or not.

    Smoot, Baxter and Lucas are FA's.

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