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    Re: Sidney Rice Video

    "Slade" wrote:
    Check out the video of our new DE Robison....@ the 1:20 mark he stuffs AP
    Personally, I really liked the interception returned for a TD @ about 1:40.
    Unfortunately, that vid had him just beating up on the same crappy teams. I almost felt sorry for that QB from Tex A&M. Rough day.

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    Re: Sidney Rice Video

    "Slade" wrote:
    "Axel" wrote:
    There is something Sidney lacks, which Jarrett has enough of, and nobody really needs.
    That is, while Sidney was a Gamecock, he was never cocky.

    Here's Sidney in the corner against one of those pushover SEC teams:

    Ahem, back on topic.

    Start your own friggin thread about Robison!
    We talkin bout dude here!
    I brought up Robison for 2 reasons:

    - we drafted him & his video is cool
    - This is my thread
    Hey Slade, plesae keep the thread on track.
    I realize that it is your thread, sort of.
    If you want it to incorporate more than the title then change the title since it is your thread.

    Mr. Hand, if you're here and I'm here, then isn't it our time (thread).
    The immortal words of Spicolli, Fast Times!

    Back on track, I love the Sidney Rice clips (plural) they have on You Tube.
    They guy and his QB worked well together.
    Under thrown and over thrown, Rice made the adjustments.
    It seemed like they were throwing to spots on the field.
    I like how he can adjust
    with his athleticism while in the air.
    He catches with his hands which is so cool! Duh!

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    Re: Sidney Rice Video

    I didn't realize this guy was white! lol

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Sidney Rice Video

    "Slade" wrote:
    I brought up Robison for 2 reasons:

    - we drafted him & his video is cool
    - This is my thread
    The thread topic you created and named is: "Re: Sidney Rice Video"

    Start another thread for Robison, so you don't look like an idiot.

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