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    Re: Sidney Rice signs!

    "PurpleTide" wrote:

    Rice, Wade, and T-Will, now that's a group that just may surprise the NFL. Just got to get AP in camp. I figure early next week.
    I agree, alot of people saying our WR corp isnt good, they might just suprise everyone.

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    Re: Sidney Rice signs!

    Glad he finally signed. Damn greedy rookies. Which HC in the NFL said he was going to sit anyone who didnt sign on time? Or was that a joke?

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    Re: Sidney Rice signs!

    Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga(SP) I believe.

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    Re: Sidney Rice signs!

    It was Huizenga who said "If you don't report, you're sitting out, baby."

    And I'm glad Rice is in camp - it'll be interesting to see if he can push for a starting place among this (mediocre) crop of receivers.

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    Re: Sidney Rice signs!

    Great news, with Peterson still not signed, this was good to hear...
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    Re: Sidney Rice signs!

    Saw an interview with him on the 'CCO website in camp. Sounds like a great kid who is Honestly excited to be here! Now if he can start to push his former team mate Williamson, they can start a friendly rivalry! GET AP SIGNED NOW!!!
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