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    Sidney Rice lives up to last name

    Vikings' Rice lives up to last name
    by the Associated Press

    Sidney Rice has always shared a last name and a position with one of the best to ever play the game.

    Now he shares a record with Jerry Rice, too.
    Enjoy the article, and let's light up the Saints tonight!

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    Re:Sidney Rice lives up to last name

    I think besides Favre's physical impact on the field, the confidence he gave these guys is just as much of a factor. Sidey Rice has evolved this year and it is clearly in part due to Favre's presence on this team.
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    Re:Sidney Rice lives up to last name

    Obviously Favre has helped lift Rice's game this season but I think Rice has helped Favre a lot this year as well. He gives Brett a target that Brett knows will catch the ball if he can get it anywhere in the area. It's a great combination.

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