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    Re: Sid Hartman: Moss Trade=Bad

    "audioghost" wrote:
    All I know is the 2 best plays I have ever seen were Randy Moss's no look, behind the head flip to Moe Williams a couple years ago....and Cris Carters one handed backhand jumping grab that was only for like 15 yards, but it was the best catch I have ever seen. It never seems to make his highlight reels, but it was truly amazing, anybody remember that one? Also, he made a one hand grab while falling down to keep an underthrown ball from hitting the ground....dang Cris Carter could catch! I miss him about 20 times more than I miss Moss, but it would be nice to see #84 out there making plays...
    Its a shame that Cris was very underrated and not really talk about as one of the best ever. Actually, I would consider him the second best.

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    Re: Sid Hartman: Moss Trade=Bad

    sid hartman is just trying to make a name for himself, he's trying to be known nation wide screw him.
    I don t buy Wisconsin cheese.

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    Re: Sid Hartman: Moss Trade=Bad

    Although I'm not happy that he is focusing on negative parts of an offseason that was overall a postive thing. He's right.

    You guy call him names and such, but no one has posted any concrete reasons for why the trade was a good thing. Then again all this is yet to be determined. Napo and Troy must have a bigger impact than Moss for it to be a good trade in my opinion.

    There are others who think that the loss of exciting plays in unrecoverable no matter who we bring in. I'm not one of them. I'm not obsessed with Moss, but I am obsessed with the talent and threat he gave us every time we stepped on the field.

    What aggravates people who hated the Moss trade the most was this:
    Randy was traded for all the wrong reasons.
    "I hate when threads are destroyed by facts and logic."
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    Thanks Josdin!

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