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    SI.COM The best ur team can be............

    this is
    prteey good it says the best we can go in 2006 is 12-4 and while we know that any team can beat any other on any given sunday it still makes me feel pretty good.

    BTW check out chicago its like the nfl took all the crappy teams in the league and made them play the bears! seriously
    their schedule is so dam weak!

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    Re: SI.COM The best ur team can be............

    Please click here.
    In the P.J.'s, my blend tape plays, bullets are strays
    Young bitches is grazed
    Each block, is like a maze, full of black rats trapped
    Plus the Island is packed
    From what I hear in all the stories when my peoples come back, black

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    Re: SI.COM The best ur team can be............

    Hey thevikingfan, I have PM'd you quite a few times.
    Please show a little respect and do some looking and exercise some netiquette.

    PP80, you should be the last person to point out a duplicate.

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