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    Del Rio Guest

    Shoulda, coulda, woulda

    Passing alone will not run a D down. And there is no PA pass because there is no run. Laughed my butt off when they PA pass in the 4th and no one bites because they haven't ran forever.

    Having a running game is huge. It wears defenses down, keeps them on their toes, and gives the O-line a break from getting bull rushed.

    One dimensional teams go no where fast

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    Shoulda, coulda, woulda

    [quote]Mossville Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2004 4:44 pm Post subject: Re: Shoulda, coulda, woulda


    dan3ski wrote:
    Well the Vikings shoulda won the game against the Eagles, they coulda won the game. If Tice woulda challenged the Owens touchdown catch. If mr fumbles (Culpepper) had held on to the ball the Vikings coulda had the lead at the half. If the officials had called a good game the Vikings woulda had a two touchdown lead. A bad call allowing the Eagles drive to continue resulting in a TD and I did not see the hold even on the replay that called back Culpepper's touchdown. I hope the NFL has that whole crew fired cause if I did that bad of a job at work I am sure I would be fired.

    typical response, the refs didnt cost us the game. WE beat ourselves, PHI didnt beat us, we did. Penalties, lack of challenges, fumble on the 1" line, lack of putting the ball in the endzone within the redzone, letting westbrook catch pass in the flats and scamper for 8 yards each time, not blocking Kearse and McDougle....etc. But the Refs made all that happen???? Stop being a sore loser, buck up and get ready to beat a bears team that cant pass the ball worth a darn.

    Im glad Kearse isnt wearing purple this year, he was gettting blocked all game long and our DEs were getting mad pressure on McNabb all game. Our defense needs to create some TOs or we aint going to the postseason"

    We didn't beat ourselves as much as I wish we would have. Both our offense and Defensive lines were man handled by the Eagles lines and that is why we lost the game.

    Its as simple as that. All those bad calls by the refs, you have to expect that. The good thing is hopefully this loss only makes us stronger. We will have alot to work on before the Bears game.
    Four score and seven years ago, Brad Childress has brought upon this team, a west coast offense, conceived in San Francisco, and Dedicated to be a Kick jiggly butt offence. We are now engaged in an NFL season, testing weather that offense can get going or that our defense can long endure.

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    Shoulda, coulda, woulda

    Kearse was getting blocked?

    No, if it was any other QB than Culpepper, Kearse would have had seven sacks
    "He s done it! Portugal is through!"

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    Shoulda, coulda, woulda

    "RandyMoss8404" wrote:
    Kearse was getting blocked?

    No, if it was any other QB than Culpepper, Kearse would have had seven sacks
    I was being sarcastic in the above post when i mentioned Kearse being blocked. In the offseason everyone was glad we didnt get that guy and I wish we would have. So what Im sayin is our D line gets no pressure on the QB and Kearse by himself might have more sacks than all of our DEs combined.

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    Shoulda, coulda, woulda

    This game can't be blamed on the officials... a couple calls went the Eagles way, but to blame it on anyone but our boys is no better then what the Packers have been doing since they lost to da bears. Am I pissed? Hell yeah I am... I still can't talk about it without going off... but for all of you that say bench C-Pepp or fire Tice are just being stupid... its not their fault we lost this game... it was the stupid mistakes and not taking advantage of some of the opportunities we had in Philly territory... it was a poor game played by us and a good game played by Philly, however, I will not say they dominated us because I do not believe they did.

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    Shoulda, coulda, woulda

    You are correct, TNT! Philly did not dominate the Vikes last night, but they did convert in the RED ZONE (which the Vikes could not do). I hate field goals, because most of the time it just says that the offense did not have the toughness to punch the ball into the end zone. That is where a strong running game comes in handy, to impose the team's will on the other team's D. The Vikes did that against the Cowgirls in Week 1, but failed to do so against the Iggles. Time for Tice to get back to basics and let his big OLs mow down people. That is what all OLs live for anyway, not many of them love pass blocking anyway.

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