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    Should the Tax Payers Pay for the new stadium?

    I'm sure there are already lots of debates on this. But should the tax payers pay for the new Vikings Stadium? Why doesn't Wilf and his other rich buddies use their OWN money to build it, all of it. In doing so, the stadium could be named after himself, all the sales and profits will go directly to him, and he would be considered a hero in the football/sports world AND in Minnesota.

    What do YOU think?

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    Re: Should the Tax Payers Pay for the new stadium?

    I feel that the state should pay for part of it also, because of the revenue and sales tax that is would bring in, not including jobs, which in the end, would help the economy tremendously.

    Thanks PurpleMafia

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    Re: Should the Tax Payers Pay for the new stadium?

    Yes, there are already lots, and lots, and lots of debates on this! :grin: But since you are new it is a fair question, and i will give you my 2 cents.

    1) The tax payers are only asking to pay for part of the stadium. Not all of it. Wilf is pennying up 1/3 of the stadium price, and a total of 1 billion dollars of his own money.

    2) Anoka County plans on using the facility year round, for many events. Concerts, Truck ralleys, State sports, etc. Are you suggesting that they get to use the facility without having to pay a dime?

    3) The state and county will benefit for the stadium economically. 3000 construction jobs, 9000 permanent jobs, a superbowl venue, just to name a few.

    4) The state and counties in Minnesota routinely give tax dollars to companies to help solidify their relationship with Minnesota. Do you have any idea how much money the state has given to 3M over the years. They could have built the stadium several times over.

    5) The state and county routinely use tax dollars for other public/private ventures. The Gutherie, The Minneapolis Convention Center, the XCel Energy Center, the Children's Science Museum, the Mall of America... I could go on and on. Why should the Vikings be trated any differently.

    6) If Minnesota doesn't do it, Wilf can always sell the team to someone who is willing to move it to a state that will. There are several lined up waiting for an NFL franchise. Las Vegas and LA are two of the front runners. I don't want to lose the Vikes, do you?
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    Re: Should the Tax Payers Pay for the new stadium?

    I think in a realistic world it is going to take both. Wilf would be insane to fork out that ammount of cash on top of the huge ammount he spent to buy the team.

    In a bubble world it would be awesome to see Wilf own it 100% name it after a great old school Viking, and collect every single cent of revenue minus state sales tax.

    Hell he should even hire people from out of state to work there.

    He could just move the team to Utah or somewhere near. I wouldn't mind forking out 2cents more for a loaf of bread so I could see the Vikings play.

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    Re: Should the Tax Payers Pay for the new stadium?

    I believe if they build this stadium...Minnesota will become a sports haven for football fans...even paker wackers will deffinitly want to come out and look in awe at our new stadium,,,, heck any one would...

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    Re: Should the Tax Payers Pay for the new stadium?

    I'll go for Wilf paying for all of it if he collects ALL the revenue generated by the stadium, INCLUDING ANY SALES TAX! And I'll bet Wilf wouold jump on that kind of arrangement in a hurry, too.
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    Re: Should the Tax Payers Pay for the new stadium?

    You made the exact same poll Saturday.

    Bring that one back up instead of making the same thing.

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