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    Re: Shock! Horror! European To Watch American Football!

    Don't listen to Json.
    This is a great article.

    The body armour – thick and strong – doubles as a bullet-proof - vest to prevent stray bullets hitting a player as the fans shoot wildly into the air to celebrate a touchdown.
    He must have really been at a Deadskins game

    I know a few of you on here have the same problem as he does

    Apart from, as a man with ties to Minnesota, wanting the Vikings to have a great season, I am hoping simply to be able to make sense of the game. I am hoping to know enough to tell the two teams apart to be able to cheer when the Vikings score a touchdown and not to cheer when it was actually the other team that scored. I am hoping to be able to know the names of a few players and maybe even a few stats.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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    Re: Shock! Horror! European To Watch American Football!

    "Json" wrote:
    Sorry, but this article was stupid.
    But it had the two-to-three keywords in it necessarry for off-season articles;

    Minnesota Vikings & Football

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