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    Re: Shiancoe likes Tarvaris.

    Shiancoe likes Tarvaris
    Gosh, I hope so!

    Could you imagine, sign a guy, and a week later he's like, "I don't like the Quarterback".

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    Re: Shiancoe likes Tarvaris.

    I'm guessing you can tell from my sig that I'm a Tarvaris fan. I firmly believe that he has the raw talent and the drive to be a star quarterback. The only variable is how much experience he needs to get to that point. I hope he can get that experience this year.

    I mean, I guess it's possible that the Vikes make the playoffs this year, but a lot of things would have to go really right for that to happen. My guess is that this is an 8-8 team, +/- a game. It's a good set-up for him to learn without unrealistic expectations put on him. It's the second year in the new offesive system, so the offensive line should be better. We know we have a good run game. There are obvious issues with the WR corps. (oh, how tempting it is to put the 'e' on the end of that word.) Overall, though, I like the set-up as it pertains to helping TJ learn to run the team.

    Let me also say, that despite the majority of opinion you hear about the Vikes these days, I like the direction the team is going. They won't get there this year. I realize that. But, they seem to be making the right moves, given the talent available, to build this team back up.

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