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    Re: Sharper confident Vikings can slow Bears' early run

    Bears 20
    Vikings 17

    Just a gut feeling.
    I Love Kerry Collins (and John Rocker).

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    Re: Sharper confident Vikings can slow Bears' early run

    I have to agree with Sharper on this.. The bears feel too confident that they can throw.. that'll get tossed aside after Sharper and Smith get ints.

    also.. the bears O line is decent.. but they won't move the williams boys.. and NapH is gonna have a field day!!

    the bears D is tuff.. and we must respect it.. but BradJ will be hookin up with each WR/Checkdown he has..

    our O line is gonna show that D line what Black & Blue div means.. it won't be the pushover lines the bears faced b4.

    low production from each team.. but longwell's got the clutch ending..

    and punters.. lets see what leg yers has!!!!

    Vikes 19
    Bears 13


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    Re: Sharper confident Vikings can slow Bears' early run

    This is a new year so we go primarily bank on offseason acquisitions, last year's performance and the performances of the two teams so far this year.
    Both teams have been stingy on defense.
    The Bears offense has a facade of being 'fine-tuned' due to playing two questionable teams.
    The Vikings offense is under the facade of being poor after playing two playoff teams from last year.
    Also, the Vikings have a totally new offense in check that has shown improvement (100+ yd rusher and 100+ yd receiver in wk 2).

    The Bears do have an upper hand regarding their offense having more experience playing against the tampa 2 defense.
    They don't have the upper hand with the QB though, come on, Rex Grossman nearly doubled his career TD receptions last weekend.
    His inexperience will come into play when he plays against a tough D with Tomlin calling the shots.

    Many Bears' fans come on the site and talk about how the Vikings aren't going to score many points.
    There is no reason to believe that they will.
    There is also no reason to believe that the Bears will score a lot of points, unless you truly think the Packers and Lions have tough defenses and the powerhouse offense of the Bears broke their defenses.
    If you believe that, please send me some of that hooch, it's much better than the stuff I have.

    Low scoring affair.
    Expect it.

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    Re: Sharper confident Vikings can slow Bears' early run

    "Potus2028" wrote:
    i dont think it's chicago's run we need to worry about.. grossman and their WR's cut through the GB secondary in week one..

    that's my biggest concern, along with getting out own running game going

    I believe he meant their run of wins against division opponets... As in their run is over as division champs... I could be wrong, but that is what I got from it...


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