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    "bono" wrote:
    :twisted: Anyone happen to catch today's live Rome is Burning? Sharper was on it. I was glad to see the guy at first, but after his little smart remarks regarding the Packers' org./players -scrubs- as he so sneakingly is trying to call it, I have no love for him. He had, some time ago, stated something to the effect of 'if you play with scrubs, you're going to lose.' Some folks, it appears, took it as him referring to the Packers. He tried his darnest to deny it, stating how his has friends on the team (i.e. Javon Walker). Hmmmm. That's cool. My boys are in the mist of the worst season in this franchise's history. But, I wonder how Sharper felt when his Vikings were -a highly praised pre-seasoned favorite --at one point, 2-5? Would it have been all right to call them scrubs?
    I am not going to read 4 pages of drivel (sp) to see if someone happened to mention that you have interpreted what Sharper said, the wrong way. I think all he means by it is he is an Elite player, and if the Pack is not going to replace him with a player that is atleast as good, then the Pack chose to DOWNGRADE. Replacement players are usually called scrubs, remember the strike back in the 80s when they played with scrubs, replacements.

    BTW, you shouldn't be pissed at D.Sharp, he is just telling the truth. The Pack Org went into this season knowing they downgraded and hoping the guys would step it up. That is the Orgs fault, not Sharper's.

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    "Daunte11zlee" wrote:
    this bono whatever guy is a punk
    i thought the same thing when i first read one of his posts, but bono is an alright cat, even though he is a green bay fan. every once in a while he has something intelligent to say. it was cool though, one thread he was arguing with a chi troll, it was pretty neat to see them go back and forth. but bono is cool newbie.

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    "bono" wrote:
    you can't forget about LOS!

    Los has not been around much of late, i think he is depressed about the Pack and doesn't want to hear about it from us.
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Sharper for God, thats all I'm sayin...

    Theres NOTHING greater then a Florida Gator!
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    "I am not surprised"."-PurplePackerEater

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    "WBLVikeBabe" wrote:
    Yea Sharper is burning, burning hot!
    I second that!! :santa:

    I'm exercising my ass by doing flexing exercises while typing. Prophet 3:42pm March 16, 2007
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