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    Re: Sharper Bites back at Favre

    But, bono, you forget one thing: the owners are the employers, and the players are the employees. We tend to elevate the players so high that we lose this relationship.

    Think back to the 60's, where if a team signed a player, he was THAT TEAM's. The team dictated everything. This is the way it is in most employer-employee relationships in the world.

    The owner takes on the risk of managing a team. I wouldn't want to sink half a billion in the Cardinals right now, especially if it was the only half-billion I had.

    Players get paid for working. It may not be as simple as that, because there's a chance they can get hurt and never play again. However, there are machine operators who run the same risk for less money. And those machine operators don't have their bodies insured by Lloyd's of London for millions of dollars.

    Players GET great deals. You think Tarkenton or Starr wouldn't kill for a tenth of Favre or Culpepper's salary today? Even Walker gets a paltry half million this year, as he whines incessently (but fails to mention the $4 million check he cashed before he put a foot on the field).

    Nah. The lunatics don't need to run the asylum. This already happens in the NBA.

    Brett will take his own heat for his words, but it doesn't make them untrue or unnecessary.
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    Re: Sharper Bites back at Favre

    it's the players that are bringing in all the money for the owners. You think the Chicago Bulls (NBA)-during the days of Michael Jordan-would have sold out so many arenas if it wasn't for Jordan...a player? NO!!! You think Lambeau field will have half as many sell outs or publicity when Favre retires? NO!!! So, don't make it seem like the players are the only ones who need to be/stay loyal...the owners do too. Owners need to players just as bad.
    Furthermore, you stated that Walker "whines incessently." What? Are listening to yourself? What whinning has he REALLY done, outside of making it know that he wants a few more bucks? I don't recall him doing a Terrell Owens on the Packers. If you ask me, he's really keeping a low-pro during these trying times...handling things pretty good.
    p.s. He's still going to have his celebrity softball game here in Milwaukee next Saturday, May 14 (man NFL players: including Nick Barnett, and Vikings RB bennett, etc). I pray that it be a successful event (i.e. no packer backers come for the single purpose of booing him). If I wasn't scheduled to work next Saturday, I'd probably be there to cheer on his efforts to raise money for the less fortunate.
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