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    Re: Serious Viking issue here, everybody please read!

    After reading Del's essay I couldn't help thinking that there must be a lawyer joke in there somewhere but I haven't had enough coffee yet to come up with it. LOL


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    Re: Serious Viking issue here, everybody please read!

    Stick around, Top_Speed....we aren't so bad! You MAY have appeared to come on strong to start off...and when that happens, the vets on this board tend to challenge that type of's no knock on you or any's just that our vets get defensive when a new poster appears to come in with guns blazing. By no means should you not voice your opinions fact, we encourage it...but be prepared to be challenged to defend those opinions to the fullest. Neither side of the ensuing argument may be totally correct, but the debate will be lively nonetheless. Personal attacks should be either kept to a minimum or followed by a laughing smiley so that we all know that you are just razzing someone. The preceding rule is thrown out the window if the poster that you are attacking is a Packer troll, however. :lol:

    BTW, I can tell that you are a techie...your spelling and grammar are atrocious! :lol: But that is for another thread! :lol:

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Serious Viking issue here, everybody please read!

    No retorts left from me, I said what I wanted to say. I gave all my posts in their entirety before I was attacked. That's all for me, as far as I am concerned it is over.

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    Re: Serious Viking issue here, everybody please read!

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    No retorts left from me, I said what I wanted to say. I gave all my posts in their entirety before I was attacked. That's all for me, as far as I am concerned it is over.
    Over! Did you say over?!
    Nothing is over til we say it's over!
    Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!
    Hell no!


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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: Serious Viking issue here, everybody please read!

    Well the thread is not over :grin: The argument is. I mean in between the pissing contest we have wheel chair loving, 3 wheeler trades, I mean I would like to hear more about this lovin 6 Kings......was the wheel chair normal or was it an advanced motorized's important.

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    Re: Serious Viking issue here, everybody please read!

    "UTVikfan" wrote:
    To me its not hard to figure, and I think the abuse was excessive and very undeserved. But that's my opinion. We bash Vikes fans now, cause we are outta GBfans?
    I don't know, the cospiracy premise was a little hard not to joke around with.

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    BTW, I can tell that you are a techie...your spelling and grammar are atrocious! :lol: But that is for another thread! :lol:
    I am in the engineering field. I have noticed that most of my coworkers and instructors speeling and grammar is bad.

    You know what we say, "We can't write or spell, but we sure can count and do math!"

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    Re: Serious Viking issue here, everybody please read!

    "6-KINGS" wrote:
    TopSeed I warned ya.
    Del Rio is one freakin sharp cookie.
    He is smart, knowledgeable and quick with wit.
    To tangle on a personnel level with him is a huge task.

    You must read everything he writes and read between the lines with Del.
    He will set you up just to chop your jiggly butt down.
    Despite what you may think Del is a great guy with a huge heart of gold.
    If you go for the jugular on him, you will pay big time.

    Now Del will debate anyone but you had better get your facts and argument straight before entering the ring with him.
    Humor goes a long way with Del and can temper his response.
    But to to go full throttle on at him like you did is fruitless.

    Like my Pappy always says, you can catch more flies with sugar than with vinegar.

    I suggest you extend the olive branch and patch this up.
    I should know I have done the same thing here on several occasions.
    Remember you only hurt your standing here.
    Del is a cornerstone member. He sits in one of the BIG chairs.
    And that is just the way it is.

    Not worried about any verbal fights with this kid, if I have to put a diaper on him because he so "fragile" like you insist then I will. If he wants me to physically put it on I will do that too, bring it on! there are maps and much more to find my store and me, and yes that is one of my sites that was posted, also my Forum is here! I'm sure if you review some (or any) of the posts you'll see plenty of free great advice, plenty of respect given at any level member. Never arguements with people that like to twist your words and make things sound to their advantage. When we kids we used to play the story game where as you would tell a short story at one end of the line and see how diiferent it ends up at the other end. hmmmmmm! does that hit the nail on the head.

    I also have 5 other sites that I own and run, do all the programming myself, bragging? no, but I felt U should follow up a bit more (for the response about 2 to 3 posts ago)

    Hey.. I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE!. You got machine guns? bring em on, I have buds in the Reserves with C4 (get my drift?), it's not about muscle or power (I put this in here because you said you take bigger ships than guys my size) Fine, I said then.. you are the biggest a-hole i have ever chatted with. Dude... IT'S ALL ABOUT RESPECT, and you RIO have none! I am on several town & city planning boards, even board of directors for development. You would think if I'm the hard head here I would have endless mind games & dealings with those stuffed shirts I have to deal with wouldn't ya? None ever. And certainly not like you dude, your the gem of any Forum I have ever been around.

    Was the above my resume?, NO (I got about 2 miles worth of ms_word or .txt or .xls files on me for that, yes you all are spared. Even I am bored with all that and not posting this because it's actaully none of your business frankly! (and I don't want anybody to post theirs like the height weight thingy) ...I'm sure they will but we can have fun with it!). Joke-ing is fine, not when you belittle someone to make you look bigger (not actual physical size Rio) and someone else look smaller.

    Rio, I went back and looked at alot of your posts throughout this site. You are a wise ass period. You think your better than others just how you respond to their posts. I agree with 6 Kings, you have to treated with kid gloves because if not you pick a war with them. I see most don't waste their time with you (I probably shouldn't either! lol) Maybe your really God (god I hope not!) but playing it when your really not will get you nowhere. Now if your really this OK guy, start showing it!

    Well I'm sure we have some well established and very smart business folks probably even some Doctors & Lawyers and hopefully the most respected "everyday blue collar worker" that keeps this country moving.

    Rio, I guess I don't speak your language and that's cool, I have things to do other than talk in circles with you. If I personally ran this php powered Forum, you would be banned until some respectful text would come from your keyboard. (lol. I'm playing with ya!) see.... I tell you when I'm messing, get it? I would welcome you here, I think everybody really likes you in a certain way. I'm feeling some love right now....

    So verbal war with this Rio? I think not (plus I really have no diapers). Actaully I have much better things (that's the only reason I thru in some of my business dealings) and I hope anybody else that responds to this wacko from the 3rd ward has better things to do also. As far as I'm concerned this post has exhausted itself.

    Let's think postitive. I'm worried about our upcoming team prep and game film study of Narwlins (New Orleans for us Northern folk). We need execution from every position, some luck woudn't hurt either :grin:

    (Speed out!)
    Home Sweet Dome...

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    Re: Serious Viking issue here, everybody please read!

    Okay kids, recess is over. Dodgeball is done.

    I think KJ comes on a little strong for a newb, despite his claims to greatness. (my resume makes him look like a kid in a sandbox, hahaha.....well, just teasin KJ). Everyone relax, and we'll all be fine.

    Del's teasing is hard to detect sometimes.

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