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    Send Tice Packin'

    Get rid of this clown now. Do no I repeat do not let him coach for 1 more minute. Red you cheap bastard get rid of him now and get a real coach!.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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    Send Tice Packin'

    I have a feeling its gonna happen, the lack of disipline, they were driving down for the game winning FG and berton and birk both get called for penalties that put them in a very difficult position.

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    Send Tice Packin'

    please can him. please RED, please.

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    Send Tice Packin'

    he's not going to fire tice
    it's not TIce it's the defense

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    Send Tice Packin'

    OK, I haven't said it all season but this was the last straw. I've held my tongue, but no longer. We had this game totally within our control. Tice was given three years to build a championship team and he has miserably failed. We need to start from scratch. I knew we needed a change before this game but this was it for me. Tice must go. No exceptions.

    We may make the playoffs in the end but what does any of that matter when we can't beat a team at home like the Packers? Sad...very sad.
    Even babies know the difference.

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    Send Tice Packin'

    It is tice! tice is the coach! Hes the one to prepare his team!
    Do you call receivers jogging around while daunte is running for his freaking life not the coaches fault?
    How bout two offensive penalties on the drive that should have won us the game?
    Please Please Please STOP Sticking up for this guy.
    Good Guy Yes
    Good Coach Hell No

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    Send Tice Packin'

    I agree that firing Tice would help the team, but firing him is not the highest priority of this team. The following is a list of priorities for this team, in order of importance. (See my previous posts on different topics for more information).

    What we need to do the most is FIRE COTTRELL.

    ...THEN fire Tice.

    I really hope Red has that list marked down on his day planner.

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    Send Tice Packin'

    Hire Gregg Williams away from the Redskins...he knows how to coach a Head Coach, he has gotta be able to rub off some on whomever he chooses as his DC.

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    Send Tice Packin'

    Amen Cajun, we need to Fire Tice and let him replace Linehan with someone who has a brain and decide whether Cotrell is good to stay or not. I am so sick of this crap already...before we know it all of our talent is going to be wasted as players only get older and older. We need to strike while the irons hot and we need to start with a coach. I mean what can explain the fact that we dont even pass the ball in the 2nd half? We blow the second half of every season for the past 3 years and we blow the end of games more than any team as good as us should. What happened to the offense of '98? We have more talent now. It is all coaching, period. I like Tice as a man, but coaching just isnt his niche in life. Can him and get Greg Williams or Romeo Crennel as head coach!

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