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Thread: Secondary

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    "Paulbedy59" wrote:
    That would all depend on what kind of reciever the opponents #1 reciever is.If he is more of a physical type possesion guy I would put Winfield.If he was more of a finesse type deep guy I would put Smoot.It all depends. :salute:
    bingo, i really doubt either one of them is going to be the true #1, each week it will vary depending upon who we face.
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    Actually, Smoot can cover better, but with winfields ability to tackle, you want him on the #1 so that he gets and oppurtunity to hit some people.

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    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    Wow, good question. I never thought of that! How about it muchluv?

    I think both CB's are good enough, that we won't need to match one of them on a certain WR. We will let one play left CB and one play right CB. Whichever side the #1 WR lines up on, that CB will take him. This really favors our CB's, because they can get used to playing one side of the field.

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    Fast, quick guy- Smoot

    Big, physical guy- Winfield

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