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    SECOND place Vikings 2

    "Kleinsasser40" wrote:
    BTW, wasn't taht awesome how they showed a replay of the slacker fans walking out on them during the titans game during yesterday's game? I loved it!!!!!!!!!!! Man do they have some devoted fans! they made it all the way to the third quarter!!!!!!

    Yeah, kind of like the Packer Posters here. Walking out quitting on their team early in the season...and now the Packer Jackets are every where. Banwagoners.... ukeright:
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    Favrays OLD, the Packers SUCK,

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    SECOND place Vikings 2

    Gimme a break you puke fans. The league has never seen a player do the things the SuperFreak does. Daunte Hall gimme a friggen break.

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    SECOND place Vikings 2

    He's a Super Freak, Super Freak, he's Super Freakin' out....(Temptations sing...woh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhh)...Super Freak, that guys a Super Freak! (with apologies to Rick James)

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    SECOND place Vikings 2

    sniffle sniffle GB FANS!!

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    SECOND place Vikings 2

    This is the worst comparison that I have heard of. Daunte Hall??!!?? He can't catch a pass, they try so hard to get him involved in the offence and he can't catch a slant or a screen. I will take at least 30 non qbs over hall. He is not even the best returner in the league. ukeright: Hall

    "GBMiah" wrote:
    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    Moss is undoubtably the best non-quarterback in the league. If you argue with that, you are obviously retarded. Moss is the most physically gifted player in the league and has had the best 6 seasons in NFL history for a WR.

    All I can say is it looks like both teams will end up in the playoffs so save your trash talk till then, when it actually counts.
    Of course you think that, you're a Vikings fan. Moss is most definitely NOT the most physically gifted player in the league, if you think that you are retarded. That distinction goes to Michael Vick, im sure you've heard of him. Hell Dante Hall is more athletic then Moss.
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    SECOND place Vikings 2

    I admit Vick is insanely gifted, perhaps more so than Moss. After that though, there is no comparison, Dante Hall isn't even close.

    Beside Moss has been a highlight reel regular for 6 seasons, Vick really hasn't done anything spectacular since his first year starting. I trust you wouldn't want me to show the large volumes of amazing plays Moss has made over the year. Just go to: , they have most of his highlight plays since his first season.

    I m like a Ja Rule poster, cause I'm off the wall.

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    Moss is the best "non-quarterback" physical athlete in the league hands down. However, there is more to being an athlete than just the physical nature. The attitude, desire, and the intagables make for the truly gifted. Moss has had 6 years? (Im not sure, sorry) He is still learning these things. He is MUCH better than he used to be, but is still very immature. How many times do you see Daunte trying to fire him up. Daunte gets it, Moss doesnt. Any GB fan would be an idiot to not say Moss is insanly gifted... could you imagine how deadly hed be if he had the attitude of a Cullpepper, Favre, or Rice.
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