"Marrdro" wrote:
And I get laughed at for trying to guess who is gonna pick who in the 7th round of a mock draft....... ;D

JK, Love these things........

Let me caveat all of these picks with one thing, I think we had problems on defense before Whinny went down.

Getting him back will not solve world hunger.

Lions @ Home - This team seems to have our number (even though we win) of late.
A division rival that appears to know that we are the one to beat in the division and they play like it against us.
With only one viable target, I don't worry about this one. [size=10pt]WIN[/size] Agree

Seahawks @ Home - If ever there was a team that needed to look at thier medical and physical training staff this is the one.
Injuries continue to keep what should be a decent team very unpredictable.
Able to light it up in the air if all the pieces are on the field, but that running game of has beens worries no one.
In the end, healthy or not, because they don't have a viable running game, our front four handles that and gets pressure allowing the LB's to help get pressure as well as help with TE's/Short slants.

Bears @ Home - Love the move to get a "Franchise QB", but as alot of us said, he doesn't have a team around him.
The OL sucks (who said Pace was still good), they have no WR's, and that Defense is still as old as the hills (who said it was still good).
Still, all in all, we've seen Hester burn us on ST's and in the passing game.
A poor showing by our Secondary could be problems.
In the end, that RT (Bust draft pick) and the old man (Pace) let them down and our boys in and that defense lets AD set another single game rushing record.

Cardinals @ Arizona - Before yesteray I probably would have sided with the Cards to get revenge here.
Another inconsistent team that is hard to figure out.
All in all, thier passing game scares the crap out of me.

Bengals@ Home - The loss of Odom is huge but Cedric sure has helped that offense.
Not sure if I will be able to put up with my Bengals fan bud the whole way home if the Vikes loose.
[size=10pt]WIN[/size]Not so sure about this one, they do have the ability to knock teams off with big plays and down dirty in the trenches stuff, could be our big upset Loss

Panthers @ Carolina - Call it a gut reaction but this game scared me when I saw the schedule and it still scares me even after the way they've played this year.
On the road, on grass,......Wait a minute, wait a minute, that was when the last regime was in charge.
Silly me.
This team won't have anything to play for but pride and judging by the way they've shut down, I don't think much of that is there.
[size=10pt]WIN[/size] They performed well yesterday and that has restored a bit of can do in Carolina, this one will be close but we will win through

Bears @ Chicago - See my earlier comments.
Might be a good opportunity to get some of the 2's and 3's some reps like we did against the rams.
Starters start and we watch our backups beat thier starters in the second half.
[size=10pt]WIN[/size]Loss, outside in the freezing cold at soldier field, they will be playing for a wildcard and that makes them dangerous.

Giants @ Home - 13-2 should be enough to garner home field advantage.
We get to see our scrubs in on this one as a warm up for the backups going into the playoffs.
Just like with the Rams, we find out that our backups are better than thier starters. [size=10pt]WIN[/size] Would have put this down as a loss at the beginning of the season but they appear to have imploded, recieving core has gone awol and we should be able to restrict the running game but a bit much to assume we can stop it. Win

As to the Saints being overated.
Not sure how some of you rate football skills but that team is far from overated.
Do they take another path to success?
Sure they do, but I suspect that as the season wears on you will see them get more balanced and more dangerous.

Right now, they and the Colts are the only teams I think we can't beat.


Saints I agree, I think we can beat the Colts