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    Season Ticket Prices Changing Slightly

    Just FYI,

    I just saw my 2010 Season Ticket invoice online, and I noticed that my tickets have gone up by $3 per seat per game. This is about a 4% increase, and in line with what I expected to see - especially given the amazing season we had last year.

    2010, here we come.
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    Re:Season Ticket Prices Changing Slightly

    I saw that my seats had only a slight increase this year too. I thought it would be more.

    When I saw the e-mail my first thought was "thank god, football season is on its way;" then I realized there's a few months to go. I'm sad because this might be the last season I get to attend in its entirety.

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    Re:Season Ticket Prices Changing Slightly

    My cheap seats went from $250 to $290. About a $4 a ticket or about 15%. Still a pretty good deal. I'll definetly renew.

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