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Thread: Season Opener

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    Re: Season Opener

    i'll be there with 4 of my closest buddies. It will be fun and loud. I really cant wait to see the ship and have the stadium go less noisy for the introductions, hopefully of our defense.
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    Re: Season Opener

    introductions are freaking awesome. the whole stadium is rocking.

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    Re: Season Opener

    I will be right in front of the T.V. Rooting em on! GO VIKINGS!!!
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    Re: Season Opener

    I gotta ask Del Rio what his plans are. I would love to check out the opener with fellow UT vikes fans. If not a buddy of mine here has the NFL package so i can check it out there.

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    Re: Season Opener

    Man, I am getting excited over a freaking Dolphins vs. Bears preseason game...I can't imagine how pumped I am going to be for our opener. I remember last year I went to a bar and had them put it on the big screen and when Onterrio caught that 65 or so yard dump off and ran it to the house, I was running circles everywhere and everyone probably thought I was a freak. Oh well, I am!! GO VIKES!

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    Re: Season Opener

    I am going to be there! Last frickin row in the stadium....but having one hell of a good time!!!

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    Re: Season Opener

    lol I'll be with you guys in spirit....But i'll also be down here in florida, close to tampa....Verbaly destroying all the dumb inbred redneck bucs fans we house down here......SKOL VIKES!!

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