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    Sean Taylor Dies

    R.I.P. Sean Taylor #21 (1983-2007)
    ~Juggalo for LiFE~

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    Re: Sean Taylor Dies

    This one hurts my heart. First, it was Jerome McDougle that got shot during a robbery(He plays for the Eagles). Then the murder of Bryan Pata, over a drug dispute(Star DE on the U, Projected to go first round in last years draft). Now Sean Taylor? I've been in Miami for 22 years of my life, and I'm here to say it is not safe to stay here. UM (Miami) is consider a team full of Thugs, Gangsters, and Animals. Yet, people don't know what they've been through in our lives to label guys like this. Football is the way out of the Miami streets, thats all we know, and thats all they give us here. One more thing: For the people that keeps bringing up his Criminal Record, "FLOOP U".


    ALL DAY!!!

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    Re: Sean Taylor Dies

    Thanks to PPE for the sig.

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