I don t like nor trust him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn doesn t everyone know we NEEEED a vikings tie with someone who has and bleeds purpleand care s to see to that the tteam succeeds and understands our woes for so many decades and sincerely wants to accomplish it!??!!? I want a coach who can GAURANTEE us a super bowl ring! Wishful thnking?? Let s sart thinking about our own backyard as a coach former player etc.... One who has been faiuthful to the Organization forever (like Tice) who has all that it takes to get it donre!?!?! Whoi caould this be just my Honest Opinion and two cents We need names like former vikes etc..... HEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP the season is over now i am happy will pulled ourselves together I am sad for Tice he ll be ok tho! Should have went for it on 4th and one and the 30 40ish yesterday!???? But ii hate the freaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakin GIANTS period especially adter that 41-0 drubbing three years ago! And Fassel doesnt show me s**t!!!!!!!!!!!!!