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    Screen watch 2013!

    It's official. I've started it. Lets see how long it takes to see an actual screen play come from this coaching staff. Any bets? conjecture as to when we might see one? I would have thought that after watching the opposing team pin back their ears and throttle your qb nearly every 3rd down might give a coach the inkling of an idea. "Hey, maybe I should call a screen, maybe slow those guys down a bit." I mean, one would think that that might be an an O-coordinators bag of tricks. Obviously not
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    It was the same issue with the Childress era... We would go months with no screen...then in one game we would run 5.... then no more screens.

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    Why would we run a screen with one of the most feared backs in the NFL?? Oh wait, we'll run one to Toby. Don't hold your breath waiting for us to call one. Ponder would probably get flustered and sacked when we call one anyways.

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    how many bubble screens have we tossed? D's are keying in on the guy we'd screen to. PH is a KNOWN threat.. other then that.. yeah.. it'd b nice to see a screen to AP.. or even Toby!

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    Won't work at this point. Our line is under siege and screens need a little time to develop. Teams are in our backfield before Charlie Johnson and lardholt can react.

    Charlie Johnson and lardholt are horrible. Besides that screens don't work either when we are getting overload blitzed every other play because of zero fear of our passing game after 5 yards.
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