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Lets all remember that this year was to be nothing more than a chance to get our kids reps and use the on field experience as a means to accelerate thier progress.

With that said, I believe all of them, including TJ made huge strides in thier playing level over the year.

I will however, not be a homer and say that all of them, including TJ don't have alot of room to grow to be consistent in thier play next year.

Lets hope the coaching staff saw enough to either let TJ play next year or have enough ammo to convince the front office that he isn't gonna be ready and a little bench time might be in order behind a vet.

Two things that could negate that however,.....

8-3 as a starter and if he can play close to what he did in the 4th qtr all the time then he has justified his role as the starter and upcoming star.
Quality of Vets out there that are UFA.
I am in no way convinced that this staff (not just the Chiller) go out and invest valuable draft picks on a guy to come in and supplant TJ as the starter.
I believe, however, that they might go after a VET that is a UFA and improve the competion and provide a better backup to what we have.

It sure would have been a plus this year if at times (First Lions Game/Skins Game) if the coaching staff could have had a option to go to when TJ struggles with a Scheme that he can't figure out.
8-3 is irrelevent or any starting record for a QB in the NFL its a team game. They win together they loose together. I will say it again the record argument is pointless. No way is he responsible soley for those wins and in no way is he responsible soley for those losses. He may of contributed to them and in some games more than others either way. My example again is San Diego game. It was tied when he left the game The Vikings won the game when he was out.

Daunte Culpepper was 11-5 his first 16 starts.
Payton Manning was 3-13 his first 16 starts.

So based off of that DC should of won at least 1 super Bowl while Manning was on his 3 or 4th team hoping to get some playing time.

The draft is not an answer for QB. FA? well lets just see who happens to be out there first before we say that FA is not the answer either. My other question again is can we afford to grow with TJ as our starting QB? We are not Miami or atlanta who are teams that are a few years and quite a few players away form contending for the playoffs. We I beleive however are just that player or 2 away from it. Bench him is fine but if we keep throwing him out there he may be the one that ends up holding this team back.

But I agree that another QB, and not a cast off from another team, one that has a legit chance to start, and has been a starter in the league and one that does not cost an arm and a leg to get.
It'll cost picks to get someone that isn't a cast off in one way or another. From what you are describing, Pennington sounds like the fit. We all remember the stir last off-season when Carr became available and Chilly didn't want anything to do with him. That didn't pan out too well.

The only thing I know for a fact is that some will be happy and some will be mad at whatever the organization decides to do.
A very solid post my friend and a truer than most will admit.