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Thread: Scott Linehan

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    Scott Linehan

    "pavement" wrote:
    linehan gets tight at precisely the wrong time...i believe he's too conservative,a bomb to randy or cambell 2 or 3 times a game does not make him agressive.i think he needs to go...with the vikes luck they would end up with paul hackett
    Scott did not sign an extension with the team. Outta here!

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    Scott Linehan

    is he gone for sure?

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    Scott Linehan

    I think he will go just because he will make more money. I did not care for his play calling because he alwas seemed to go away from what was working earlier in the game. I believe you keep doing it until the other team stops you.
    can we clone Bud Grant?

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    Scott Linehan

    "eelpout72" wrote:
    I think that ive seen the vikes with some nifty creative plays over the past couple of years (some of these may have originated elsewhere, though). Examples:

    1) Fake quarterback draw, Daunte stops and throws
    2) On sunday, fake QB sneak on third down and inches, fade to Moss (although it didnt work it was a nice aggressive play)
    3) Fake screen to one side, screen to the other side
    4) Fake end around, screen to the other side
    5) Pump fake to WR for screen, followed by fade route
    6) Bomb to Moss, no look toss by Moss over his shoulder to trailing receiver for a TD (just like it was drawn up) :wink:

    Its not going to happen, but i would like it if Linehan stayed.
    Every play you mentioned was a "trick" play. What the Vikings need is an explosive system to go along with their explosive players, not plays drawn up in the dirt.

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    Scott Linehan

    "ItalianStallion" wrote:
    Linehan was only paid something like 300,000 this year.
    i looked up nfl salaries and according to sean jensen of the pioneer press it is not known what linehan make but he speculates that it is somewhere under the league avg of 466,000. the vikings staff is the lowest paid.
    if were gonna keep him were are going to have topay them. and who is going to come here and NOT GET PAID?

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