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    Schedule Helper

    [size=14pt]Schedule Helper[/size]

    The Vikings may have Christmas coming early this year, as two of their first three opponents in the 2007 regular season face the distinct possibility of being without their top offensive stars....
    More at:
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

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    Re: Schedule Helper

    Nice quick read...Thanks for the article.

    I'd be thrilled if we didn't have to face LJ, but I'd love to beat Ron Mexico on the home opener.

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    Re: Schedule Helper

    While I would love it, I am not counting on either Vick or LJ being out of the games.

    I think the Commish is waiting to see what happens in the federal investigation before taking any action against Vick.
    We know he doesn't need to wait for any conviction, but considering the amount of money and popularity involved with Vick, I think he will wait until an indictment at the very least.
    The feds do a good job putting a case together, but that takes time, and the home opener is only 60 days away.
    On the plus side, we can expect this investigation to be a major distraction to Vick at a minimum.

    As far as LJ... yes he is threatening a holdout, but I think we would all be surprised if came to that.
    That would be a lose-lose situation for both the Chiefs and LJ.
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