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    Im going to recap every game and some serious predictions here.

    Dallas W (Love to beat these guys wouldnt you)
    @Philadelphia L (I hope im wrong here)
    Chicago W
    @Houston W
    @New Orleans W ( We won here in 2002 im predicting another upset.
    Tennessee W
    New York W (We will get revenge)
    @indianapolis L
    @Green Bay L
    Detroit W
    Jacksonville W
    @Chicago W
    Seattle W
    @Detroit L
    Green Bay W (This will be sweet im hoping for a great xmas present...)
    @Washington L

    11-5 next year im predicting. We will lose to the Pack in lambeau but get vengeance on xmas eve by kicking their rear ends which i hope we stomp them... We will split with Detroit too with a heartbreaking loss in ford field.
    8-0 at home next year im predicting and with huge wins in New Orleans and Chicago...

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    Not trying to rain on your parade but there are 2 teams on your schedule that I would not chalk up as easy wins. I know you are going to call me nuts on this one but these 2 teams are the ones that I am pegging to be the "surprise" teams of 2004. Last year it was the Carolina Panthers. Which ones this year?

    Houston and Jacksonville.

    You have a better shot of taking out Jacksonville because it is a home game but Houston away is going to be a very tough task. Dispute me if you want but you heard it here first :rr:
    "if you look down to tie your shoes and see nothing but peanuts and know the parade has passed you by"

    "Some bleed purple as if they were a clown...I bleed Green and Gold as in cash money"

    "behold the power of cheese!"

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    I hope your predictions are right that is a descent record

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