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Thread: SC Wideouts

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    SC Wideouts

    Did Troy get that lasek eye surgery last year? Aren't they saying that is what is going to help him catch the ball?

    Who do you think is going to be the better of the two?

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    Re: SC Wideouts

    Well, I think already Rice has a step up because he isn't in the dog house with the fans. I think they both will be able to produce at some point though. Hopefully they both turn into studs and are with us for a long time together ala Moss/Carter

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: SC Wideouts

    Man, that's a hard one.

    If Rice catches 3 passes he is already better than Troy.

    Rice has no experience and could be the best or a bust.
    Troy thus far has been a bust so far.
    This is the year that makes or breaks him.
    I he plays like last year, he is gone.

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    Re: SC Wideouts

    Rice was a tall lanky reciever that played in a pass throwing system. I think he is a better pass catchers but lacks ideal bulk or speed at the NFL level.
    Troy played in SC as a deep threat to a run first offense. A result of great speed and solid play action to get him the ball.

    The Viking best two players are at the RB position. I am not sure who is going to who is going to benifit more. I see both players busting out in my optimistic diehard Viking mind of mine.

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