nolafan33 wrote:
No doubt the Vikings outplayed the Saints in the NFCCG, and we were extremely lucky to come out on top. The Vikings shot themselves in the foot a number of times, some of the Saints making and some not. Some of the calls were questionable, but there were questionable calls on both sides. I for one, do think Pierre got that first down, and you can see that in this image, remeber the forward progress rule:

The David Thomas PI call, the defender didn't locate the ball what so ever (sometimes you'll see a defender with his body turned but his head isn't, the defender didn't have his body or his head turned) and you'd probably see that called a good bit. I also think Meachem had control of the ball.

But hey, that's all in the past and it's time to look forward to September 9th. I will however say, the Saints didn't come anywhere near playing their best ball in that game, and if you saw the Saints play any other games you'd know that.

I saw yall last another corner? How many do yall have left?
The forward progress rule normally would apply, but considering he had lost control of the ball and repossessed it behind the first down marker that's where the ball should have been placed. And are we supposed to be convinced by a screen shot of where he is after the play is blown dead? I guarantee he moved forward as much as possible. It's all about where he was touched on the ground, which was behind the first down.

The pass was uncatchable, and Leber didn't even touch david thomas. doesn't matter if he located the ball if he didn't touch the receiver.