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This has been a weird signing. Sage is supposedly Speilman's 'guy', not Chilldress'. However, Zygi's in charge of them all. I guess the question we all have to ask is...

Who ... does ... number ... 2 ... work ... for?

(boy, that was a long way to go to quote a dumb movie. )
I actually suspect Sage is really Wilf's guy.

As far as numbers, I just hope JDB will take #6 so Farve can have #4.
Favre will be Wilfs guy. Tickets anyone?
Yes please!
If/when the signing happens, I will be interested to hear what Booty gets for the #4 or if he gives it up at all. haha.
That would be funny if he said no.
that would be really funny if JDB said no lol.
Lol ... JDB will have NO say in the matter ... Favre would get No. 4.

JDB has all the say in the world, its his number.
However, I bet Favre would make it worth his while to give it up.

Won't be JDBs number when he gets waived.