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Everyone that's a complete idiot knows that T-Jack was the better option of the two. But that doesn't mean he's the answer for the future. We will solve that later. Strange things happen in the offseason. Opportunities become available when they weren't there before. It is all going to work out. I just hope our players remember that those chumps in N'orlins took our SB away from us and it is now that we pay them back in a huge way on their field. We all know that we beat them in almost every catagory. Let's go Vikes!! From Cincinnati.
Who is everyone? I must not be anyone becaue I didn't know that. I never received that memo.
Milk just shot out my nose; everyone knows TJ is the better option, say what!?!?! Don't put everyone into that sentence when CLEARLY there are plenty of people who beleive TJ sucks and Sage was the better option.
fixed. :woohoo:
You had a typo, sentence structure must not be one of your strong points. You accidentally placed the word NOT where it shouldn't have been. I hope I can help you out again sometime in the mean time watch Favre and pray he doesn't get injured!!
lmao, touche