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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrdro View Post
    I marvel at all the stuff that gets spewed on here......"Its a passing league"......LOL.

    Its a league that rewards teams that are balanced, not teams that rely on running solely or passing solely.
    Why don't you whip out the ole spreadsheet & show us which teams have as many passing attempts as they do rushing attempts, which teams have as more passing attempts as they do rushing attempts & which teams have fewer passing attempts as they do rushing attempts.

    We have a balanced attack. How is that working for us?

    GB has thrown the ball 266 times & given it to a rusher 171 times (61%-39%). How is that working for them?

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    I think teams are more a product of what their personel allow them to be.
    If you have AD and a bunch of average at best receivers, you trend toward a run dominant defense. If you have Rodgers and a bunch of good receivers you become pass happy.

    Green Bay exploits the opponents nickel and dime backs.

    Minnesota exploits...what? Kliensassers blocking ability?

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