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    Sacks, Lies, And Videotape - Game Nine Recap

    [size=10pt][size=10pt]Sidney Rice 7 Catches For 201 Yards![/size][/size]

    As some of you may have noticed, this post is very late. I have a very good excuse for it. I was traveling to Gatlinburg on my annual pilgrimage to the great Smoky Mountains. I followed the game the best I could on but it was frustrating reading the play by-play. At one point, it said the Vikings had recorded a safety, and another that Peterson had a carry for a loss of 43 yards. Luckily, I had my trusty DVR faithfully record the game and I sat down and watched the game last night. Let me tell you, I was abhorred with the officiating and the penalty ridden game the Vikings played.

    Sundays game was a tale of Sacks, Lies, And Videotape.

    The obligatory link to the rest of the article is right here:

    Or you could simply continue reading for the entire story minus several links to related articles of the past. Or future, depending on your perspective and plane of existence.

    As I was saying, Sundays game was a tale of Sacks, Lies, And Videotape.
    Case in point, Ray Edwards bursts through the line and to avoid getting chop blocked, he leaps over the Lions running back but in doing so, with the aid of the Lions running back, launches towards Stafford and comes into contact with him forcing a fumble and a sack.

    Instead, the referee throws the flag and calls personal foul, roughing the quarterback, hitting helmet to helmet giving the Lions a first and ten inside the 15 yard line. This was a third down play mind you which would have forced the Lions into a field goal attempt with missing one earlier.

    The announcers go along for the ride. After the replay, the fans boo loudly and sustained their anger and voice for the rest of the game towards the referee. In watching the replay, it clearly shows Edwards making contact with only his shoulder on Staffords chest. Not helmet to helmet. The announcers blatantly ignore the fans boos and agree that it was a good call. As you know, I don't agree with coach Childress all to often, but this time, he was dead on complaining about the poor officiating at the game. Edwards should not be fined for that phantom hit.

    Thats not all boys and girls. Later on in the game, Favre was planted in th ground, clearly a late hit on the quarterback, the referee looking straight away at the play, and he keeps his little yellow flag in his pocket. The fans boo wildly once again but the announcers are clueless as to what is happening on the field.

    But wait, there was still more. Kick returner D. Reynaud gets blasted out-of-bounds after the whistle was blown by three Lion defenders. The referee is right there looking on, and he doesn't do a damn thing. The fans booed loudly but not even a referee huddle to determine a late hit.

    Alas, we have one more missed personal foul on the Lions. During Petersons 43 yard run, the Lion defender grabbed Peterson horse collar style and dragged him off his feet from behind forcing him to fumble. The Lions recovered in the end zone for a touchback. The replay clearly shows a horse collar tackle that should have resulted in a personal foul and the Vikings maintaining control of the ball at the 11 yard line. And what about the announcers, apparently they were having tea and crumpets in the booth oblivious to what was going on.

    Perhaps the referees were upset that the Viking organization didn't grease their palms like Chad 85 did last week. After all, the economy is in a recession, and everyone has to eat.

    There were some good things that came from Sundays game. Sidney Rice has arrived. Not just because he had 7 catches for 201 yards on Sunday, but for his entire season so far. His 44 catches for 786 yards leads the team and he is on pace for 78 catches and almost 1400 yards. All Pro numbers indeed!

    Brett Favre is having the best season of his illustrious career. Not only does he lead the NFL in passer rating, his best ever in his career, but he is on pace to throw for more than 4000 yards, 30 plus touch downs, and throw only 5 interceptions, his lowest total ever in his career. And he just keeps getting better and more comfortable every week. Perhaps Nostradamus was correct after all predicting the Vikings to win the Super Bowl.

    Percy Harvin, what a hit on the linebacker during his 40 yard catch and run. I said from week one, he is the offensive rookie of the year. Look to see him more and more involved down the stretch.

    And one more thing good from the game. The Vikings won. 27-10 and swept the Lions and the Packers in the division. The Vikings are 8-1 and one game behind the Saints for home field advantage in the playoffs. I'm talking playoffs already. You betcha.

    Note to Bernard Berrian: Catch the freaking ball. You had three dropped balls in Sundays game. Keep that up and perhaps Jay Cutler could use you next year.

    Jared Allen is a beast, with a mullet. I saw a survey during the game on what to name the front four of the Vikings defense. I laughed out loud at Three Men And A Mullet.

    Seattle comes to town next week with poison pill envy still bitter in their stomachs. Rumor has it that Matt Hasselbeck is still crying about a low blow hit from the 2006 season.

    The Vikings must regain concentration and avoid the stupid penalties that killed drives and extended opponents drives. If they can achieve that, there is no stopping the Vikings on their quest for the Super Bowl title.



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    Re: Sacks, Lies, And Videotape - Game Nine Recap

    I would love to see the Viking front four, Edwards, Pat Williams, Kevin Williams, and Jared Allen all don mullet wigs before the game on Sunday. Much like all the receivers and backs let their freak flag fly ala Randy Moss style a while back.


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    Re: Sacks, Lies, And Videotape - Game Nine Recap

    I'm still pissed about the Steelers game. Calls were all one sided.

    Also, I think during the Lions game we got our SECOND defensive delay of game. And this time it was on a DB or S.
    What is that exactly?

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