1. if we win, we only need one more win to get into the playoffs in the NFC and have the Fudge at home with a full head of steam.

2. we will be playing on artificial turf which usually translates into a win for the vikes on the road.

3. if we lose, Tice and/or Lineham will be fired at season's end.

1. if we lose, who really cares about the playoffs cause we will all have to admit that [a.] Tice is the worst coach in the NFL

[b.] the vikings are a pitiful team even if they end up making it to the playoffs

and [c.] the vikings might as well leave their jockstraps in the lockeroom a long with their balls.

2. if we lose, the packers will have another division championship handed to them from the vikes even though the fudge have less talent. this will hurt the most.

let's go vikes! on monday, we fans better be all smiles or else!