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    Was The Rumour True?

    A couple of days ago there was a rumour that the NFL was stepping in because Red was screwing with the team, and that they were ok'ing the purchase by Fowler on the 1st. Was there any truth to this? Is the NFL giving Tice control of the FA aquisition? I have'nt heard anything about this yet.... :scratch:
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    Was The Rumour True?

    Ive heard of the same thing and i hope its true. NO real source or link that i have seen about this though. Man red has to be the one screwing this team. Getting rid of moss, not getting rid of tice at first and now admitting he would fire him.
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    Was The Rumour True?

    I believe that was a confirmed hoax.


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    Was The Rumour True?

    Total BS

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