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    Roster Predictions

    Start of training campe! A good time to assess the roster and predict who will be around come September. My predictions:

    QB (3): B. Favre, T. Jackson, J. Webb.

    Sorry, Sage, but there's no room at the Inn. Perhaps the Vikes can pick up a late round pick for him, otherwise he's released.

    WR (5): S. Rice, B. Berrian, P. Harvin, G. Lewis, M. Mitchell.

    The first three are locks, but after that it gets a bit interesting. I think Lewis sticks due to his special teams ability as a gunner. Marko Mitchell is an intriguing prospect, and I think he gets the nod over Jaymar Johnson.
    Ray Small hits the practice squad (see p.s. list at end of thread).

    TE (3): V. Shiancoe, J. Kleinsasser, J. Dugan

    Mickey Shuler to the practice squad, ready to step up once Kleinsasser hangs them up, which can't be too far off.

    RB (4): A. Peterson, T. Gerhart, R. Moats, D. Reynaud.

    I know many will disagree with 4 players being kept at this position, but I think it will happen because of Reynaud's flexibility at punt returner and receiver. Moats is a good special teamer and provides the best insurance for Peterson. Young is the odd man out, but he'll surely be picked up somewhere else.

    FB (1): R. D'Imperio

    The reign of Fahu Tahi comes to an end (please, please, please come to an end!)

    OL (8): B. McKinnie, S. Hutchinson, J. Sullivan, A. Herrera, P. Loadholt, R. Cook, C. DeGeare, D. Radovich.

    The eighth position is the toughest to predict, and I think Radovich is finally ready to contribute on a consistent basis. Jon Cooper will find a home elsewhere. Patrick Brown and Thomas Austin make the practice squad.

    DE (4): J. Allen, R. Edwards, B. Robison, E. Griffin.

    Not much to say on this one. Montgomery and Mitchell will find other homes.

    DT (5): P. Williams, K. Williams, J. Kennedy, L. Guion, F. Evans

    I think Tremaine Johnson makes the practice squad again.

    LB (6): C. Greenway, E.J. Henderson, B. Leber, Erin Henderson, J. Brinkley, H. Farwell.

    Triplett to the practice squad.

    S (4): T. Johnson, M. Williams, J. Sanford, E. Frampton.

    Terrell Skinner to the practice squad.

    CB (6): A. Winfield, C. Griffin, L. Sheppard, C. Cook, A. Allen, B. Sapp.

    Once a weakness, now possibly the deepest position on the team. Marcus Sherels to the practice squad, as well.

    K (2): R. Longwell, R. Lloyd

    God it's going to be nice seeing teams start further back than their own 35 yard line.

    P (1): C. Kluwe

    LS (1): C. Loeffler

    Practice Squad: P. Brown (OL), T. Austin (OL), M. Shuler (TE), R. Small (WR), T. Johnson (DT), N. Triplett (LB), M. Sherels (CB), T. Skinner (S)

    Obviously this practice squad list is a shot in the dark, as 1/2 of the practice squad often comes from other teams' releases, and, hell, I'm not even completely sure all these guys are eligible for the practice squad. But, given the current roster, I figured I'd throw these names out there.


    That's my guess! Discuss, criticize, ignore. Always fun to see how the predictions turn out come the final cut.

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    Re:Roster Predictions


    I was trying to find something to discuss but cant really find much because I think I agree with basically all of it..

    Maybe just a couple things

    Jaymar.. I think he will get the nod over MM.. I think we can try to sneak him onto PS

    And IDK if I missed it or not.. But did you bring up Kenny Onatalu anywhere?? I think we will for sure be on the squad again.. Erin maybe the odd man out? He did kill it on ST for us

    Anyone quality post and keep em coming!!

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    Re:Roster Predictions

    Also, I'm not certain EJ and Griffen will start the season on the active roster, meaning we get another guy at LB, probably Onatolu like V4L mentioned and a CB/S

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    Re:Roster Predictions

    Oh and yes please get rid of Tahi

    Atleast see what someone else can do

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    Re:Roster Predictions

    Ah ... the fun roster predictions thread ... it is a little early ... but why not.

    The most fun here is to see people list what they clearly want over what will likely happen.

    Offense (24)
    QB(3): Favre, T-Jack, Sage
    RB (3): Peterson, Gerhart, Moats
    FB (2): Tahi, D'Imperio
    OL (8): Hutchinson, McKinnie, Sullivan, Herrera, Loadholt, Cook, DeGeare, Radovich
    WR (5): Rice, Berrian, Harvin, Mitchell, Lewis
    TE (3): Shiancoe, Kleinsasser, Dugan

    Defense (25)
    DE (5): Allen, Edwards, Robison, Griffen, Montgomery
    DT (4): P.Williams, K.Williams, Kennedy, Guion
    LB (7): Greenway, E.J. Henderson, Leber, Brinkley, Farwell, Er. Henderson, Onatolu
    CB (5): Winfield, Sheppard, Cook, Sapp, Allen
    S (4): M.Williams, T.Johnson, Sanford, Frampton

    Special Teams (4)
    K (1): Longwell
    P (1): Kluwe
    KOS (1): Lloyd
    LS (1): Loeffler

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    Re:Roster Predictions

    liking the list Especially the no Tahi part. dont even hit no body on any play so why keep him.

    i think we keep MM just because he would be the best breather for Rice similar size 6'4" 200+

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