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    Ron Mexico and his boy talking a little about the Vikes game

    Falcons vs. Vikings Game Center

    Jim Mora and Michael Vick Press Conference - Wednesday, September 28, 2005:

    Jim Mora: I will update the injury situation first. I had hoped on Monday, following the game Sunday that we would be in pretty good shape. Jason Webster practiced today. Dez White practiced today. Brady Smith practiced today, and Allen Rossum practiced today. All of those guys will be officially listed as probable, which means that there is 75 percent chance they will play. The one player that will be listed as doubtful is Antoine Cash. I saw him running out on the side, but I don't think he will be able to go. So, we are in decent shape. That can change as we get closer to the game, but that's where we are today. That is good news. Once again, our new turf came in handy as we ran from the rain and we were able to get a good work out in. We are preparing for Minnesota and are excited about being at home on Sunday late afternoon, 4:15 (p.m.). It's kind of an unusual kickoff time for us, but it will be a lot of fun.

    Q: Rossum said he could play a couple of weeks ago, are you trying to be careful with him?
    Mora: He didn't say that, did he? Good for him. No, I think just between Allen, the medical staff and the coaching staff, we just want to do what is right for his longevity this season. I just hope he is ready to go Sunday. I'd like to see him with the ball in his hands back there, catching punts and possibly kickoffs too.

    Q: Can you talk about the signing of Jerome Pathon?
    Mora: He gives us some veteran depth. It gives us six (wide receivers) on the roster right now, which is a little heavy, but we took Derek Lee off the practice squad. We wanted to keep our number at six, and that can fluctuate a little bit too. Romby (Bryant) is still eligible for the practice squad. You're always moving guys back and forth. We just wanted to add another veteran receiver to the stable. He's a guy that I'm familiar with. He went to the University of Washington. He played for my dad and things like that. We worked him out. If you listen to Wes (Durham) and Dave (Archer) the other night, Rich (McKay) talked about the process of bringing in free agents. When you identify guys and say, let's grab this guy while we can.' He was one of those guys and we had a roster spot for him, so we did it. I don't think he'll figure into the plans for a week or two, but you never know with injuries. He's a veteran, he knows how to play, he's got good hands and he's tough. We'll see how it goes.

    Q: What did you see Minnesota's secondary do against New Orleans?
    Mora: They did an excellent job against a very good receiver. I think Joe Horn has been to the last four Pro Bowls. Fred Smoot and (Antoine) Winfield are two outstanding players. Freddie is a very good man-cover guy. Antoine is a good cover guy and one of the best hitters pound-for-pound in the League. So, we have our work cut out for them. If they generate rush like they were able to the other day, it makes it that much easier. When you've got two corners out on the edge that are covering the way they are, it makes it easier for a coordinator to call pressure; to leave them in one-on-one situations. So, it's a big challenge for us. They are certainly very good players.

    Q: What is the secret to Falcons rushing success?
    Mora: I can't tell you or it wouldn't be a secret anymore. No, it's sticking with it. It's having an answer for eight-man fronts. It's people buying into the system and executing their responsibility. It's tempo, it's pace and it's running backs being patient enough and knowing where the hole is going to be and hitting it. I think it is having the mindset that you are going to stick with it and wear people down a little bit at times and then pop one. That is just kind of what we do. We've done that for two years and everyone understands their role and their piece of the puzzle, and thus we get good execution in our run game. We have four really good runners. (Fullback) Justin Griffith doesn't get the ball a whole lot, but you got the DVD' (Dunn, Vick, and Duckett) and the G' (Griffith). So, I think those guys are all capable runners.

    Q: Are you excited to be getting Allen Rossum back?
    Mora: He is extremely explosive and very fast. He sees the holes very well because he has done it for a long time. Some guys get a ball in their hand and they start running not knowing where the hole is going to be. Yet Allen takes a lot of pride in understanding what the blocking scheme is in front of him -- much like a running back. He can predict where the hole is going to be, and he hits it quick. He's elusive. As a punt returner, he has that quick first step. He's got confidence to catch it when it's tight, and he has the ability to avoid that first defender, the first tackle. I think he has really good vision combined with instincts and physically ability.

    Q: Is it fair to say Allen Rossum was a bigger loss to the secondary than special teams?
    Mora: I agree with you. I absolutely agree with you. I think I said this last week that Allen is a Pro Bowl returner, but I felt that we were going to miss him as much or more in the secondary with Kevin (Mathis) being out (than we do) as a returner. I am not really ready to back off of that. I still feel that way. I have a lot of confident in Allen playing corner or playing nickel. I can't remember him getting beat. Everyone always says he is too small or this or that, and I don't remember every play obviously, but I don't remember a play where it showed up. So I think he has a real value out there.

    Q: What can players learn from Joe Montana?
    Mora: We are getting to see this era's Joe Montana in Tom Brady in my opinion. They are very similar. They know how to control the game, they are very poised, and they just know how to win. I got to coach against Joe. I never got to coach with him, but I got to know him when I was with the 49ers. He's very composed, very smart. He expects to win. Like I said, in my opinion, you have the next Joe Montana playing for the Patriots, so we can watch either of those guys.

    Q: How are you regrouping for this game against Minnesota?
    Michael Vick: It's all in how I feel. Another part of it is what Minnesota does defensively. That will dictate how I play, I know that for a fact. But we pretty much have the same game plan. We'll do a couple of different things. We'll have some different wrinkles. But my goal is to play within the offense like I did last week. Like I said, I learned to trust in the guys around me. If I have to resort to running at some point in time then I will do it. The hamstring felt good, and I was able to go out and be myself.

    Q: Does the hamstring feel good now?
    Vick: Yes. It feels good now.

    Q: Were you worried about the hamstring during the Buffalo game?
    Vick: Yes I was until the first scramble. Then I realized that I was able to get outside of the pocket and maneuver the way I wanted to and move the way that I like to. Once I did my mindset kind of switched a bit. At the same time I knew that if I needed to use my legs and pick up some extra yards I could do so and it only helps.

    Q: Is Minnesota's pass defense that good?
    Vick: I don't know. I feel like the secondary that we played against last week was pretty good with (Terrence) McGee and Nate Clements. The week before those Seattle's defensive backs (were good), and the week before that against Philadelphia (too). In this League every week is going to be a challenge. Every team is going to have a great secondary or what I think is better than average. You got to be able to take advantage of your opportunities when you get a chance.

    Q: Is staying in the pocket a different feeling?
    Vick: It's not a different feeling. It's just knowing that you are protected and that you can sitting in the pocket and you can look down field for an extra second because there is really no threat. That was the situation. I was able to sit back there and scan the field a little and do things precisely and do them quickly. It was big for us. It was key for us.

    Q: Which do you like better? Being in the pocket or scrambling?
    Vick: It doesn't matter. I like getting guys involved. I just like to win, bottom line.

    Q: Developing a rapport with Michael Jenkins and Brian Finneran
    Vick: Those guys work very hard throughout the summer and mini camps. They have also been working hard as a group and a unit. I have been working very hard to get those guys involved and get them the ball as much as I can. As the season progresses and we go on, I see more big plays out of our receivers. A lot of people talk about them and say that they can't get it done, but they are showing you. They are showing you for the team and doing it for the team. They just have to keep progressing. As I progress they progress.

    Q: Have you ever watched film of Joe Montana?
    Vick: Last year, in March. Coach (Greg) Knapp pulled out some film on the west coast offense when they were running it back in 1989 and 1990. It's amazing how football is today compared to what it was 10-12 years ago. I got the chance to see him run the offense and he was smooth and he did it the way he was supposed to be done. The closest I have gotten to contacting anyone about asking for advice in running the system was Steve (Young). I would love to meet Joe. He's a great one, and he's won all those championships in the west coast system.

    Q: What can you take from Joe Montana?
    Vick: Winning. He was a winner who won over 60% of the games that he played in, and that is what I want my legacy to be when I'm done.

    Q: How do you have success in the system?
    Vick: It's 11 guys doing their job. In order to make the running game work or the passing game work 11 guys have to be doing their job. If we hammer them, hammer them, throw it, and then run it at them then maybe victory will come. At the same time I have to be doing my job and the receivers have to be blocking. There are a lot of things that come together to make the run game work, and we believe in it, which is why we are leading the League.

    Q: How about the Atlanta Braves winning 14 straight division titles?
    Vick: It's pretty good. I'm not too big on baseball but I do follow the Braves a little bit. That's why I have the hat on.

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    Re: Ron Mexico and his boy talking a little about the Vikes game

    Vick vs Pep, gonna be good
    Its not braggin if you can do it!!!

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