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    I don't want him. Something not right about him. Can't win the big game. A lot of picks at critical times.

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    Good Lord man what are you smoking. C Ponder stepped up the last 4 games & did what we needed him to do to win huge games. We get Percy back for next year, we sign Bowe in the off season, we draft a run stopping DT in the first round, LB help in the 2nd, OL in the 3rd. Our offensive line-up next year would feature AP in the backfield, WR Bowe, Slot-Rec. Harvin, TE Rudolph & with the continued improvement of Ponder we could make a pretty good run. Oh and don't forget about J Wright as a back-up to Harvin.

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    Anyone here think the Vikings WR's are better than the Cowboys? So if Romo can't get it done in Dallas with the talent he has on that team, what would make anyone think he could do it here? He as done nothing since he fumbled the hold in Seattle years ago. He's had what, three different coaches. No thanks. I would take Smith before Romo.

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    This is gonna be a fun off season. LOL.

    As to Romo. No. He has had all the receiving talent in the world put around him and he still chokes.

    My guess, you put that talent on the field with young Ponder and we wouldn't even be having this discussion.
    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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