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Thread: Rod Davis?

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    Rod Davis?

    Yeah - greetings SDPP !! Nice to have another member from beautiful So Cal. :salute:

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    Rod Davis?

    "SanDiegoPurplePower" wrote:
    Davis was deactivated because he was late to a special teams meeting.

    Good to see Tice show a little sack and discipline somebody for not taking care of business!

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    Rod Davis?

    "hawaiianvike21" wrote:
    I wonder how good rod davis will perform. He hasnt showed me anything in the one preseaon i got to see.

    Anyone care to explain how good davis could be and he did that was positive. I sure hope he fills in well for henderson if he does and doesnt turn into a willie offord. In fact havent heard about him as well. :lol:
    Rod Davis did exelent in the pre season i was very happy with his performence. He is solid, he made a great goal line play that i specifically remeber. He did his job when he was in there but i would like to see what he can do with the starting unit. The way Thomas played i think they are planning on goin with him.

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    Re: Rod Davis?

    "enlvikeman" wrote:
    What happened to this guy? He looked ok in pre-season and made some good hits. Startribune says he was deactivated prior to the Chicago game.

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    Rod Davis?

    I like Rod Davis alot. He was rated high on draft day. Hopefully we can see what he all about soon

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