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    .. and I totally believe he can do it too! Not only because he was just two sacks away from being a double-digit guy last year, but I know how much of a force he can be against the pass... as I've seen many times. Him and Allen make one of the best defensive end duos in the league.

    Only thing standing in Brian's way is... trying to beat Jared Allen to the punch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minniman View Post
    Really? Did some people say that?

    Anyone who has played the game or knows the game should know better. The best defensive lines have synergy. Who they play with makes a difference. The scheme they play in makes a difference. The guys that play behind them makes a difference.

    Mean Joe Green stated that he knew he could all out attack the quarterback when Jack Ham was behind him to cover the gap in case of a run or draw. Page was better because of Eller and Marshall; Deacon Jones was better because of Merlin Olsen. Success in the trenches not only is aided by the ability and cooperation of other players on the line, it requires them.
    Yes. There were a handful here who were on the Ray Edwards bandwagon at one time who firmly debated the idea that Ray was NOT significantly affected by the line he played on - sort of the "Who made who" debate, with them believing in Ray.

    Of course, how has Ray done since leaving? Sort of squashes that notion.

    Robison doesn't put himself first...that's what I like most about him. He seems to be a "team" guy. Still, with Allen on the opposite edge, I could see Brian getting 10 or more.


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