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    Robinson was healthy, still held out

    [size=10pt]Robinson was healthy, still held out[/size]

    As the Vikings' touchdown-less streak reached nine quarters Sunday against Chicago, one of their top scoring threats stood on the sidelines in street clothes.
    Receiver Marcus Robinson, who caught a combined 13 touchdowns for the Vikings in the 2004-05 seasons, was deactivated before the game. Robinson left the Sept. 17 game against Carolina because of a strained right hamstring, but he did not miss any practice time last week.

    "I practiced throughout the week," Robinson said. "I practiced Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and I was preparing to play. Coach [Brad Childress] told me on Saturday. That was it. I wanted to play. As a player, you always want to play. You're going to push yourself to play. It's a big game. Coach made the decision to keep me down and that was that."

    In reality, Robinson was a healthy scratch for a team that needs all the scoring threats it can get. But since taking the Vikings job in January, Childress has spoken often of the need for players to push through relatively minor injuries that occur during games.

    Childress has called such injuries "owies," and Robinson's departure from the Carolina game almost certainly influenced the decision to deactivate him against the Bears. Second-year player Maurice Mann was active instead.

    Even though Robinson is healthy enough to play, Childress offered no guarantees when asked about his status Monday.

    "Based on the injury report," Childress said, "he'll be available."

    Robinson scored the Vikings' last offensive touchdown, a 20-yard reception from quarterback Brad Johnson, in the third quarter of the Vikings' 19-16 victory Sept. 11 at Washington.

    Making progress

    Linebacker Chad Greenway, who underwent surgery last month to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee, is walking without crutches and has begun pool-related exercises. Based on his progress thus far, Greenway estimated he would be ready to play by January if NFL rules permitted it.

    Because he is on injured reserve, however, he must sit out the entire season, including postseason games.

    "I'm moving along pretty well," Greenway said. "It's all good."

    At one point, he had lost 15 pounds from his 242-pound frame. His weight now is about 231 pounds, he said.


    • Childress used running back Artose Pinner as a kickoff returner Sunday "to save a little bit of wear and tear" on Troy Williamson, who has been the Vikings' regular returner. Childress said he thought the return team "probably could block better" for Pinner and said he also had a good day on kick coverage units.

    • Why has the Vikings' offense scored only two touchdowns this season? It starts on first down. The Vikings' average of 4.27 yards on first-down plays ranks No. 25 among NFL teams.

    Staff writer Judd Zulgad contributed to this report.

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    Re: Robinson was healthy, still held out

    uhh why? we couldve used him in the red zone, and he also couldve been out there isntead of maurice mann being on the field ruining a great chester taylor play with a holding call..this childress is really doing some really goofy stuff..if ur hurt, and he doesnt think its serious enough, he sits you out the next game? doesnt throw to the endzone because he chooses to keep robinson out of the lineup
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    Re: Robinson was healthy, still held out

    I guess I don't really understand this at all... You have a guy that is a big target, has great hands, and is playing his old team, and you don't play him? Especially when we are having a difficult time scoring? I hope he plays next week, so we can at least try and solve our non scoring woes..

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    Re: Robinson was healthy, still held out

    He's definatley very lucky to be 2-1. If he was making moves like this and we were losing he would be hung out to dry.

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    Re: Robinson was healthy, still held out

    I wouldn't put to much weight behind the way this story reads..

    First off, many players want to play and espeicaly in a game the magnitude of the Vikings / Bears game..

    Even though MR practiced all week, we don't know exactly what he was doing at those practices.
    Was he running full speed or was he doing mostly just light workouts and and less than full speed running.

    Hamstring injurys are not only a slow healing injury, but they are known for being re-agrivated and not only that, but hurt worse, if not completely healed.
    This is the same injury that kept Steve Smith of the Panthers down for their first two games of the season.

    I'm sure Childress was just looking out for MR and decided it was best to sit him and make sure the hamstring is back to 100% before putting him on the field again.
    Smart move if you ask me, I'de rather have one of our top 3 recievers sit out a week than have him re-agrivate the injury and possibly hurting it worse, meaning he might have to be lost for the next 2 to 3 games...



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    Re: Robinson was healthy, still held out

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    Re: Robinson was healthy, still held out

    Vikings | Robinson a healthy scratch Week 3
    Tue, 26 Sep 2006 20:48:39 -0700

    Kevin Seifert, of the Star Tribune, reports Minnesota Vikings WR Marcus Robinson was a healthy scratch for the Week 3 game. Robinson was able to practice all last week even though he strained his right hamstring Week 2. Head coach Brad Childress said Robinson would be available for the Week 4 game but did not make any guarantees about Robinson's status.

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    Re: Robinson was healthy, still held out

    yea i read that this morning on the viking update site, childress said that himself that it wasnt a hemet issue but would not say what the reason was why he was held out...

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    Re: Robinson was healthy, still held out

    sorry wrong
    guy..need to wake up more,..more coffee

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    Re: Robinson was healthy, still held out

    i was wondering what happened to him.
    it'll be nice to have him back, but on the other hand...with a hammy inj., we should let him progress as needed.
    its best for him as well as for the team.
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